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Nai Mui Ling Sharon
A. Senthil Kumar


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Category 1: Additive Manufacturing


A Machine-Learning Assisted Optimization Approach and Microstructure Characterization Method for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Qian Liu, Hongkun Wu, Moses J. Paul, Peidong He, Zhongxiao Peng, Bernd Gludovatz, Jamie J. Kruzic, Chun H. Wang and Xiaopeng Li


A Novel 2µm Fiber Laser Setup for Evaluating the Sintering Ability of Polymeric Powder for Selective Laser Sintering
Eugene Kok, Baicen Li and Feng Lin Ng


A Study on the Effects of the Deposition Path on Thermo-mechanical Characteristics for the Case of Gridur6 Deposited on a Thin AISI4140 Substrate Using an LMD Process
Alissultan Aliyev, Kwang-Kyu Lee, Dong-Gyu Ahn, Ah-Jin Sim and Kyu-Choul Choi


A Study on Wear Characteristic after Ultrasonic Nano-Crystal Surface Modification for High-Manganese Steel Built by Directed Energy Deposition
Han-Byeol Park, Hyeong-Jin Ha, Gwang-Yong Shin and Do-Sik Shim


Accelerating Alloy Development for Laser Powder Bed Fusion through In-situ Process Monitoring
Richard J. Williams and Swee-Leong Sing


Additive manufacturing of MoSi2 and NbSi2 products for ultrahigh-temperature structural materials
Koji Hagihara and Takayoshi Nakano


Additive Manufacturing of Spatially Configurable Heterostructured Materials
Chaolin Tan, Youxiang Chew, Fei Weng and Fern Lan Ng


Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Aluminides for Aircraft Engine Applications
Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda, Ken Cho, Mitsuharu Todai, Masao Takeyama and Takayoshi Nakano


Additive manufacturing technology with topology optimization for automobile parts
Jeongho Yang, Youngsuk Jung, Jaewoong Jung, Jae Dong Ock, Shinhu Cho, Sang Hu Park, Tae Hee Lee and Jiyong Park


Binder Jet 3D Printing of Complex Porous Molds for Thermoforming
YanHan Liew, Liang Wei Low, Dennis Wee Keong Neo and Su Xia Zhang


Characterisation of NdFeB magnet powder used for laser powder bed fusion
Yong Rong Chan, Sankaranarayanan Seetharaman, Jerry Ying Hsi Fuh and Lee Heow Pueh


Correlation of In-Process Monitoring Data and Defects in X-ray CT for Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Kin Keong Wong, Zheng Jie Tan, Yvonne Lim and Kenny Lee


Effect of Melt Pool and Particle Dynamics on As-built Qualities in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Min-Kyeom Kim, Taehwan Kim, Jonghwan No and Jonghwan Suhr


Effect of Nozzle Orientation on Accuracy of Formed Objects in FFF Process of Additive Manufacturing with Dual-Arm Robot
Kosuke Kurokawa and Toshitake Tateno


Enhancement of printing resolution and scalability using a flexible support platform Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Seungjae Lee and Namhun Kim


Experimental Study on Deformation Behavior of Cantilever Structure with G6 Deposited Region by a DED Process Through in-situ Measurement
Kwang-Kyu Lee, Alissultan Aliyev and Dong-Gyu Ahn


Fin Design for Passive Cooling in Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing (SEAM)
Yash Gopal Mittal, Avinash Kumar Mehta, Pushkar Kamble, Gopal Gote, Yogesh Patil and K. P. Karunakaran


Increasing the Productivity in Selective Laser Melting with Large Layer Thickness and Dual Laser for Ti-6Al-4V
Chen-Nan Sun, Aloysius Tan, Duy Nghia Luu, Hang Li Seet Guo Ying Zheng, Yongjie Zhang, Andy Wei Ming Tan Zhen Lu, Jia Jun Sim and Woon Yong Lim


Influence of TiC Reinforcement Particles on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Heat-Treated IN718 Composite
Duy Nghia Luu, Sharon Mui Ling Nai and Wei Zhou


Investigation of Pre-thermal treatment and Surface Modification of Fine Metal Powder Feedstock on the Flowability and Agglomeration Behaviors for Binder Jetting Process
Jiemin Huang and Su Xia Zhang


Kerf-Taper-Angle Control and Additive Process for Formwork Laser Cutters
Sol Chai, Chanwoo Kim, Yeonho Ko and Daehie Hong


Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Grain Refined 316L Stainless Steel through Ti in-situ Alloying
Wengang Zhai, Wei Zhou and Sharon Mui Ling Nai


Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Mixed Powders
Huikai Li, Erin Brodie, Sebastian Thomas and Christopher Hutchinson


Manufacturing of Meso-Fluidic Devices for Life Science Application Using Biocompatible MJF Process
Vishwesh Dikshit, Balasankar Meera Priyadarshini, Wai Kay Kok, Scott Alexander Irvine, Holden King Ho Li and Yen Choo


Materials Extrusion for Dense Ceramic Additive Manufacturing with Sol-gel Al2O3 Feedstock
Hyuk Hur, Yu Jin Park, Dong-Hyun Kim, JIyong Park, Kyung Il Kim and Jong Wan Ko


Mathematical Filtering of TPMS Structure for Enhanced Flow Characteristics
Seo-Hyeon Oh, Eunji Jeon and Keun Park


Mechanical Performance of ER70S-6 Low-Carbon Steel Fabricated by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing
Shibo Liu, Peng Chen, Sun Xianchong, Ang Joo Hock, Xiling Yao, Du Zhenglin and Youxiang Chew


Metrology Applications in In-Situ Process Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing
Baoxi Xu, Yuanjie Liu, Li Wang, Shengkai Yu, Chengwu An, Jing Zhang, Shaochun Ye, Yan Fan, Jie Fang, Alvin Kuang Shuan Tan, Chee Kit Choy and Youxiang Chew


Mimic Dynamic Pumping Function of Heart through ionic-induced swelling and shrinking of hydrogels
Heng Li Chee, Sirawit Pruksawan, Jaedeok Kim and FuKe Wang


Parameter Control in Selective Laser Sintering for Elastic Lattice Structures of Functionally Graded Seat Cushion
Minkyu Seong, Yonghyun Kim and Namhun Kim


Powder Reusability of Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Intermetallic in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Process
Pan Wang, Wai Jack Sin, Mui Ling Sharon Nai, Fern Lan Ng, Aloysius Tan, Min Hao Goh and Yusaku Maruno


Quenching and Partitioning Treatment of A Low-Carbon Martensitic Stainless Steel Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
Ziyang Duan, Minkyeom Kim and Jonghwan Suhr


Realistic Performance Prediction for Additively Manufactured Cellular Structures: Synergy of Simulation and Experimental Analysis
Stefanie Feih


Review on the Use of Machine Learning Techniques to Optimize the Processing of Copper Alloys in Additive Manufacturing
Yanting Liu and Swee Leong Sing


Seamless integration of AM Digital Twin with CAD/CAM software for large-format 3D printing of metals
Guglielmo Vastola, Xiling Yao, Jakub Mikula and Zhang Yong-Wei


Spatial and Geometrical-Based Microstructure in Components Fabricated by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
Pan Wang, Mui Ling Sharon Nai and Yusaku Maruno


Study on the Characteristics of Intermetallic Compound and Nanoindentation in ZrH2-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite Layered by Directed Energy Deposition
Hwajeong Kim, Gwangyong Shin and Dosik Shim


Study on Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing of Metals Using Image Processing and Reinforcement Learning
Tsai-Yi Cheng, Po-Wei Pan and Hung-Yin Tsai


The Development of an Effective and Comprehensive Modeling Technique for Thermomechanical Analysis of Selective Laser Melting Process
Nitesh Anand, Yu-Bin Chen and Ming-Tsang Lee


Thermal Characteristics of Additively-Manufactured Metamaterial Structures in Air flow Condition
Jonghwan No, Min-Kyeom Kim, Taehwan Kim, Juwon Kim and Jonghwan Suhr


The Effect of Hot Forging on the Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured 7075 Aluminium Alloy Preform through Crack Closure
Fu Lun Tan, Kai Soon Fong, Zhiguang Zhu, Fern Lan Ng and Min Hao Goh


Topology Optimization of Free Form Stiffener Built by Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing
Zhi-Qian Zhang, Xuan Anh Nguyen, Junyan Guo, Peter King, Sam Yang, N. Sridhar and Alejandro Vargas-Uscategui


Vapour Smoothening Process to Improve Surface Finish of FDM 3D Printed Ultem Components
Zhou Sha, Yujie Zhou, Zhaohong Huang, Guo Ying Zheng, Yongjie Zhang and Leonard Songyin Chai


Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Stepover Optimization based on Varying-Ratio Flat-Top Overlapping Model
Gim Song Soh and Xi Yu Oh

Category 2: Automation, Mechatroics and Robotics


A Heteropolar Bearingless Slice Motor with PM-free Rotor for Disposable Centrifugal Blood Pump
Zeqiang He, Naohiro Sugita and Tadahiko Shinshi


Accurate All-round 3D Measurement from Trinocular 360-degree Stereo Cameras via Geometric Optimization of Image Texture and Color
Takumi Hamada, Sarthak Pathak and Kazunori Umeda


An Add-On Pose Measurement Device for Rapid Robot Teaching
Wei Lin, Ngoc Chi Nam Doan, Haiyue Zhu and Xiong Li


Autonomous Cooperative Operation Between Industrial Cooperative Humanoid Robot and An Electric Passive Balancer
Hiroaki Hanai, Mikio Ozawa, Toshiki Hirogaki and Eiichi Aoyama

P-13- OR-02-0189

Autonomous Flight Method for A Drone to Inspect A Power Transmission Facilities
Munsu Jeon, Siheon Jeong, Joon-hyeck Moon and Ki-Yong Oh

P-11- OR-02-0171

Autonomous long-term inspection of tunnel structures with 3D LiDAR measurements
Siheon Jeong, Min-Gwan Kim and Ki-Yong Oh


Characterization of Two-photon Photopolymerization Fabrication using High-speed Optical Diffraction Tomography
Qi Shao, Yanping He, Renjie Zhou and Shih-chi Chen


Control Boost of an Active Magnetic Bearing System with DOBs
Yupeng Zheng and Hyeong-Joon Ahn

P-10- OR-02-0216

Design and Development of a Concrete Surface Roughness Assessment Device
Muhammad Qaihri Bin Wahab and Mustafa Shabbir Kurbanhusen

P-09- OR-02-0100

Design of a Cable-Driven Continuum Manipulator for Applications in Confined Spaces at Elevated Heights
Landong Martua and Mustafa Shabbir Kurbanhusen


Design of a Leg Mechanism with Suction Devices for a Hexapod Mobile Robot Moving around Multiple Environments
Ami Matsuura, Masato Mizukami, Naohiko Hanajima and Yoshinori Fujihira


Development of a Pneumatic Module for Reconfigurable Soft Robots
Yuzhe Wang, Pradeep Janakiraman, Benjamin Wan Xiangxin and Pey Yuen Tao


Automatic Loading Algorithm via Vision-based Payload Volume Estimation
Jaewon Kwak, Jangho Bae, Jaemyeong Huh, Donghyeon Lee, Chanyoung Moon and Daehie Hong


Development of ultra-small fast steering mirror for spectroscopic sensor with high speed and excellent disturbance rejection characteristics
Chan-Hee Lee, Jun-Ho Chang, Dong-Chan Lee, Hyo-Wook Bae, Do-Hyun Park and Ho-Sang Kim


Digital Twin-based Object Detection of Camera Mounted Robot Arm using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Su-Young Park, Hyungjung Kim, Junghyuk Lee, Suhwan Jeong and Sung-Hoon Ahn


Dual Arm Manipulation Strategy for Tight Space Manipulation
Audelia Gumarus Dharmawan and Gim Song Soh


Flexibility Wires of Circular Connector Automatic Disassembly Process with the Finite Element Analysis
Yu-Ren Lin, Yu-Cheng Lin, Chao-Ching Ho


Gesture Selection Strategy of Reconfigurable Soft Gripper System Using a Data-Driven Scheme
Yangfan Li, Jun Liu, Zhuangjian Liu, Jin Huat Low, Jin Jin and Chen Hua Yeow


Hybrid Electromagnetic Actuator with A Dual Rotorconfiguration
Jonathan Hey and Akash Singh


Impedance-Controlled Teleoperation With Haptic Feedback for Robotic Manipulation
Sreekanth Kana, Juhi Gurnani, Vishal Ramanathan Padmanabhan, Mohammad Zaidi Bin Ariffin, Sri Harsha Turlapati, Wai Yang Chan, Boon Siew Han and Domenico Campolo

P-12- OR-02-0177

Integrated Framework of Fault and Anomaly Detection for Underground Transmission-Lines Through Multiscale Mask DCNN
Min-Gwan Kim, Siheon Jeong and Ki-Yong Oh


Intelligent 6-DoF Robotic Grasping and Manipulation System Using Deep Learning
You-Rui Chu, Haiyue Zhu and Zhiping Lin


Intelligent Depalletizing System Utilizing 3D Image Recognition and Industrial Robot for Camshaft
Yang Ping, Zhong Qiming and Wang bo


Inverse Dynamics of Cable-driven 2D Serial Linkage
Yejin Yu, Guyeop Jung and Sung-Hoon Ahn


Inverse Kinematics Selection Algorithm for 6-DOF Manipulator Based on Neural Network to Pass Through the Singular Point
Daiki Kato, Naoki Maeda, Ayumu Takeuchi, Toshiki Hirogaki and Eiichi Aoyama


Investigating Quantum Reinforcement Learning structure to the CartPole control task
Nguyen Truong Thu Ngo, Tien-Fu Lu, James Quach and Peter Bruza


Investigation on the Process Parameters of an Automated Wall Grinding Robotic System
Landong Martua and Mustafa Shabbir Kurbanhusen


Investigation to Enhance the Actuation Force Transmission of Cable-Driven Continuum Manipulators with Tethering Lines
Landong Martua, Mustafa Shabbir Kurbanhusen and Chan Nyein Aung


Joint-Based Model Using Centre of Pressure and Muscle Movement for Motion Attempt Detection of Lower-Limb Exoskeleton
Nguyen Truong Thu Ngo, Chor Hon Law, Chung-Yuan Hsieh and Tien-Fu Lu


Multi-Axis Synchronous Control of Pneumatic Cylinder for Reliability Tester
B. Sim, J. Y. Oh, W. J. Lee, S. J. Choi and W. Lee


Segmentation for Grasping: An Approach toward Autonomous Table Clearing
Ka-Shing Chung, Marcelo H Ang Jr, Wei Lin, Haiyue Zhu, Joel Short and Pey Yuen Tao


Trade-Off Between Resolution and Response Time of Frequency-Modulated (FM) Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor for Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB)
Hyeong-Joon Ahn and Ngoc Vu Vo

Category 3: Bio–Medical Manufacturing and Application


Biodegradable Mesh Sheets as A Treatment Device for Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Equipped with North American Porcupine-Inspired Microneedle for Removal Prevention
Taiga Asami, Shunsuke Imamura, Tomoya Akaki, Kentaro Honda, Yoshiharu Nishimura, Atsushi Tanaka and Nobuhiro Kato


Development of A Microfluidic Chip for Early And Rapid Detection of Multiple Dengue Serotypes
Yu Hao Foo and Leon CZ Chan

P-14- OR-04-0051

Effect of Wheel Compliance on the Automatic Finishing Operation
SangIk Lee , Jaeyoon Shim and Sun-Kyu Lee


Inkjet Printing-Facilitated Micropatterned Multicellular Structure Generation
Yuxuan Tang, Yucheng Huo, Jeffrey Nielsen, Christie Dudenhoefer and Changjin Huang


The Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Cutting Process of Soft Composite Material
Takumi Kamei, Tomohisa Tanaka and Tomoki Wakasaki


The Influence of Laser Surface Remelting (LSR) on the Surface Morphology and in vitro Cell Viability of Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel Bone Plate
Wenhe Feng, Niyou Wang, Yin Chi Wan, Paul Lim Guang Hui, Lina Yan and Gavin Kane O'Neill3


Vertical Nanogap Arrays Assembled from Nanoentities for Highly Sensitive Biochemical Detection
Nguyen Hoang Minh, Jae Sung Yoon, Do Hyun Kang, Yeong-Eun Yoo and Kwanoh Kim

Category 5: Digital Manufacturing


Automated knowledge extraction for smart cognitive Machine tool HMI
JongSu Park, Jumyung Um and Dain Kim


Bas-relief modeling combining multiple range data based on Poisson equation
Takumi Kimura and Yukie Nagai

P-16- OR-08-0105

CoTMAE:Hybrid Convolution-Transformer Pyramid Network Meets Masked Autoencoder
Chuanxiang Li, Shuming Yang, Pengyu Hu, Huiwen Deng, Yu Duan and Xing Qu


High accuracy alignment of X-ray CT volumewith CAD data using feature vectors
Mahiro Endo and Yukie Nagai

P-15- OR-05-0259

Linear Regression-based Parameter Identification of Machine Tool Feed Drive
Jong-Min Lim and Byung-Kwon Min

P-17- OR-08-0187

Physics Informed Neural Networks for Cybernetics of Electric Motors
Seho Son, Hyunseung Lee, Minjae Kim, Dayeon Jeong, Kyung ho Sun and Ki-Yong Oh

Category 6: Green Manufacturing

P-20- OR-06-0308

An Experimental Investigation into Anisotropic Energy Efficiency of Milling Process
Zhuo Liu, Ning Liu, Kaining Shi, Biyao Qiang, Miaolong Yuan and Shanshan Yang

P-18- OR-06-0081

Development of a Simplified Circularity Index for Sustainable Manufacturing
Ladislaus Aroguiaraj Joseph, Yih Tng Chong, Paul Nicholas Sharratt, and D Mohan Kumar


Eco-Friendly Direct Synthesis and Micro-Patterning of Copper on Flexible Transparent Substrates
Swami Siddharth, Yu-Bin Chen, and Ming-Tsang Lee


Electroplating of Black Nickel: Bath Age and its Effect on Coating Quality
Zhi Hao Aaron Teo, Yajuan Sun and Yong Teck Tan

P-19- OR-06-0260

Energy Consumption Estimation of Machine Tool Using Machine Learning
Wontaek Song, In-Wook Oh, Joon-Soo Lee, Chaeeun Kim, Eunseok Nam and Byung-Kwon Min


Green Laser-Induced-Graphene (LIG) Electronics by Direct Laser Writing on Wooden Materials
Han Ku Nam, Dongwook Yang, Truong-Son Dinh Le, Younggeun Lee, Byunggi Kim, Young-Ryeul Kim, Seung-Woo Kim, Young-Jin Kim


Towards Effective Powder Reuse in "Large Format Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing" (LAAM)
Clarice Loke, Marcin Debowski, Sandor Nemeth, Min Hao Goh, Xinying Deng and Shuyun Chng

Category 7: High Speed and Precision Machining


A Novel Calibration Method of Angular Misalignment in FTS-Based Diamond Turning
Shigeru Tanikawa and Jiwang Yan


A Preliminary Study of Subsurface Damage in Grinding of Reaction-bonded SiC
Sai Guo, Chi Fai Cheung, Lai Ting Ho and Bi Zhang


Aspects of spindle balancing and consequences on ultra-precision machining
Byron R. Knapp, Dan Oss and Dave Arneson


Controller Design for Piezo-driven Segmented Fast Steering Mirror
Rina Nishida, Jianpeng Zhong and Tadahiko Shinshi

P-21- OR-14-0299

Cutting of Monocrystalline Diamond Tools Using Short Pulse UV Laser
Kakeru Koiso, Akinori Yui, Hirofumi Suzuki and Toshiyuki Morizumi


Experimental and numerical study on High Speed Impact Trimming(HSIT) process for UHSS sheets
Jae-Hyuk Lim, Jae-Wook Lee, Kun-Woo Kim, Da-Hye Kim, Soon-Deok Kwon, Ji-Won Park,Ho-Jung Lee and Eun-Ho Lee

P-22- OR-14-0003

Experimental Investigation on In-Situ Laser Assisted Diamond Cutting Nitriding Mold Steel
Kai Huang, Jianguo Zhang, Zhengding Zheng, Xiao Chen, Junfeng Xiao and Jianfeng Xu


Investigation of Segment Turning Process based on Single-amplitude-frequency Criterion for Complicated Multi-Scale Surface Structure
Xiao Lu, Chi Fai Cheung, Chunjin Wang, Canbin Zhang and Lai Ting Ho


Machining Property by Ultra Fine Bubble Coolant
Satoshi Anzai, Manabu Iwai and Shinichi Ninomiya


Parametric model and optimization conditions in high-frequency ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning of optical spherical convex mold
Xiaoliang Liang, Canbin Zhang, Chunjin Wang and Chi Fai Cheung


Some numerical aspects in simulating pad conditioning coverage and density for long time conditioning process
Zhen-Pei Wang, Zhigang Liu, Zhi-Qian Zhang, Clive S. Ford and N. Sridhar

Category 8: IoT–AI–Big Data in Manufacturing


A Case Study: Dynamic Dispatching Framework for Multi-Product Production System via Reinforcement Learning Approach
Jing Zhuang and Guan Leong Tnay


A Deep Learning Based Quality Monitoring System for Injection Moulding Process
Doan Ngoc Chi Nam, Chan Wing Fook and Michelle Nguyen Thanh Truc


A Machine Learning Approach to Defect Detection and Failure Analysis in Composites
Soumya Bhowmik, Tan Long Bin and Tan Beng Chye Vincent


AI-enhanced Multifunctional Haptic Rings for Cross-space Perception and Sensation in Metaverse
Zhongda Sun, Minglu Zhu, Tianyiyi He, Xuechuan Shan, Boon Keng Lok and Chengkuo Lee


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Dental Prostheses Design
Hao Ding, Zhiming Cui, Ebrahim Maghami, Yanning Chen, Jukka Matinlinna, Edmond Pow, Alex Fok, Michael Burrow, Wenping Wang and James Tsoi


Cloud-based Data Analytics Framework for Real-time Lift Monitoring and Diagnostic System
Duc-Minh Pham, Van Tung Tran, Vedisha Vasudha Roopun, Junhong Zhou and Fei Long


Development of artificial intelligence for assessing microprocess plans and metadata models based on ISO 14649 using the Unified HMI platform
Murdivien Shokhikha Amalana, JongSu Park, Jumyung Um and Dong Yoon Lee


Digital Twin Smart Home Using Robust Mat Monitoring System with Multi-Modality Deep Learning Analysis
Yanqin Yang, Qiongfeng Shi, Zixuan Zhang, Tianyiyi He, Xuechuan Shan, Budiman Salam and Chengkuo Lee


Digital Twin-based Cutting Tool Breakage Detection Model using Synthetic Depth Map and Deep Learning
Suhwan Jeong, Hyungjung Kim, Junghyuk Lee, Su-Young Park and Sung-Hoon Ahn


Few-Shot Learning for Prescriptive Maintenance
Yang Zhao, Yajuan Sun, Linshan Jiang and Ryan Chan Wei Yang


Non-Contact Equipment Fault Detection Using Audio and Magnetic Sensors
Zhimin Yuan, Wee Tiong Tey, Tomasz Karol Maszczyk, Daniel Lim, Sivakumar Nadarajan, Viswanathan Vaiyapuri, Amit Gupta and Sathyanarayan Rajaram


Predicting 2D Data: Using conditional Generative Adversarial Networks in Incremental Sheet Forming
Darren Wei Wen Low and A. Senthil Kumar


Prediction of Drug Permeation Through Human Skin Treated with Microneedles Using Machine Learning Methods
Yunong Yuan, Yiting Han, Chun Wei Yap, Jaspreet S. Kochhar, Hairui Li, Xiaoqiang Xiang, , Lifeng Kang


Predictive analytics for downtime prevention in Plastic Injection Molding Line
Junt Kong Chan, Shiming Ang, Hongtao Wang, and Yan Shen


Text Mining Framework for Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing
Duc-Minh Pham and Su Myat Phyoe


Tool Condition Prediction by Process Monitoring using Semi-Supervised Learning
Jing Zhuang, Zhaoyu Ma, Guan Leong Tnay, Yong Quan Chua and Ngoc Chi Nam Doan


X-ray Artificial Intelligence Identification System for Agricultural Products
Chaoyu Dong, Tong Liu, Fang Cheng and Kemao Qian

Category 9: Manufacturing Systems and Machine Tools


A Tool Protection Strategy for Digital Turning Process Based on Simulation Data
Jielin Chen, Yein Kwak, Rendi Kurniawan, Moran Xu and Tae Jo Ko

P-30- OR-09-0138

A Tool Protection Strategy for Digital Turning Process Based on Simulation Data
Jielin Chen, Yein Kwak, Rendi Kurniawan, Moran Xu and Tae Jo Ko


Capillary Force Gripper With a Polygonal Nozzle for Pick & Place and Rotation of 1mm Objects
Eri Fukuchi, Ryohei Sako, Naoto Watanabe, Eiji Kusui and Ohmi Fuchiwaki

P-28- OR-09-0304

Cornering Error Estimation of Look-Ahead Based Tool Path Generation Algorithm
Chan-Young Lee, Seung-Kook Ro, Chang Kyu Song, Jeong Seok Oh, Soon-Hong Hwang and Byung-Kwon Min


Development of a PC-based open-source control system for a hybrid polishing mechanism
Ze Li, Chi Fai Cheung, Wei Yuan, and Daniel Pak-Kong Lun


Geometric Error Estimation and Compensation of Rotation Axis for Five-Axis Machining Centers Using a Common Measuring Tool
Toru Yamamoto


Machine Learning Based Optimal Acceleration/Deceleration Design for a 3-UPU Type Parallel Kinematic Mechanism
Ting-Yu Wang, I-Chia Lee, Chia-Hsin Hsieh, Yu-Jen Chiu, and Cheng-Kuo Sung


Model-Based Feed Rate Optimization for Cycle Time Reduction in Milling
J. Y. Oh, B. Sim, W. J. Lee, S. J. Choi and W. Lee

P-27- OR-09-0255

Numerical Investigation of heat penetration on cutting force during laser assisted machining of Ti6Al4V
Muruga Prabu U, Afzaal Ahmed and Pramod Kuntikana


Simulation of XYθ-Axes Servo Control for One Step Motion of Piezoelectric Walking Mechanism Step Motion of Piezoelectric Walking Mechanism
Eiji Kusui, Masato Shiota, Ryosuke Kinoshita, Rintaro Minegishi, Eri Fukuchi, Yohei Tsukui, Yuta Sunohara and Ohmi Fuchiwaki


Study of Cutting Force and Tool Wear in High Frequency Electrical Discharge Assisted MillingUsing Flexible Electrode
Moran Xu, Changping Li, Rendi Kurniawan, Jielin Chen, Yein Kwak, Shuo Chen and Taejo Ko

P-29- OR-09-0135

Study of Cutting Force and Tool Wear in High Frequency Electrical Discharge Assisted MillingUsing Flexible Electrode
Moran Xu, Changping Li, Rendi Kurniawan, Jielin Chen, Yein Kwak, Shuo Chen and Taejo Ko


Tool point FRF estimation on multipurpose Tool point FRF estimation on multipurpose
Jooho Hwang , Dang Chi Cong and Jongyoup Shim

Category 10: MEMS–NEMS


Fine Magnetic Pattern Transferred on Nd-Fe-B Magnets UsingHigh Heat-resistant Nd-Fe-B Magnets
Keita Nagai, Naohiro Sugita, and Tadahiko Shinshi

Category 11: Metrology


A Compact Differential Heterodyne Laser Interferometer without Periodic Errors
Ki-Nam Joo, Erin Clark, Yanqi Zhang, Felipe Guzman and Jonathan D. Ellis


Development of a Novel Multifunctional Abbé-free 12"-Wafer Measuring Stage for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Chen-Yu Liao, Yu Hung, Fu-Sheng Yang and Liang-Chia Chen


Dual dispersive interferometric probe system for measuring double-sided film structures
Joonho You, Uihyeok Kwon and Ki-Nam Joo

P-33- OR-11-0256

Estimation of Kinematic Parameter Errors of 6-axis Serial Robot through Circular Test
Heung-ki Jeon, Sung-hwan Kweon, Ki-bum Jung, Kwang-il Lee and Seung-han Yang

P-34- OR-11-0285

Femtosecond Laser based Phase Locked Synthetic Wavelength Interferometer for Absolute Distance Measurement
Hyeokin Kang, Woojeong Lee and Joohyung Lee


Galvo-Scanning Chromatic Confocal Microscopy for High-Speed 3-D Surface Measurement
Hong-Ruei Chen,Yu-Feng Chou, Fu-Sheng Yang, Han-Ju Tsai, Wei-Jei Peng, and Liang-Chia Chen


High Precision Distance Measurement based on External Cavity with Dual Periodic Grating
Shuhei Goda, Shuzo Masui, Shotaro Kadoya, Masaki Michihata and Satoru Takahashi


High precision interferometric measurement of freeform surfaces from the well-defined sub--aperture surface profiles
Sangwon Hyun, I-Jong Kim, Minwoo Jeon, Geon-Hee Kim and Kye-Sung Lee

P-35- OR-11-0305

High-Resolution 3D Imaging by Structured Illumination Microscopy
Jong-Kyu Park, and Ki-Nam Joo

P-36- OR-11-0306

Laterally Differential Interference Microscopy to Observe Phase oObjects
Jinhee Cho, and Ki-Nam Joo


Measurement of Additively Manufactured Internal Surface Structure Using an X-ray Computed Tomography
Shihua Wang and Shengkai Yu


Parametric point-spread-function model optimization for microscopic image super-resolution
Wei-Yun Lee, Fu-Sheng Yang and Liang--Chia Chen


Radial Shearing Interferometer for Reconstruction of Wavefront by Fringe Modeling
Huy Vu, Seunghoo Lee, Tien Dung Vu and Joohyung Lee


Reduction of Spherical Aberration Measurement Error in High-Numerical-Aperture Spherical Test with Synthetic-Aperture Fizeau Interferometry
Toshiki Kumagai, Keita Tomita, Kenichi Hibino and Katsumi Wasaki

P-32- OR-11-0134

Specular Reflection based On-Machine Surface Roughness Rating of Machined Surface
Junaid Dar and Sun-Kyu Lee

P-31- OR-11-0074

Thickness Profiling of a Large-aperture Transparent Plate immune to nonlinear errors
Jurim Jeon, Sungtae Kim, and Yangjin Kim

Category 12: Micro–Nano Fabrication Processes


3-Dimensional Surface Processing through Elimination by Mechanical Removing
Yoshitaka Nakanishi, Yutaro Doi and Yuta Nakashima


A Large-Scale Nanomachining System Established Based on AFM Contact Mode
Jiqiang Wang, Yanquan Geng, Junshuai Jia and Yongda Yan


A Method to Predict the Lithium-ion Battery Internal Temperature
Xiaolong Leng, Mingdai Yang, Waqas Ul Arifeen, and Tae Jo Ko


A New Method for V-Groove Microstructured Surface Polishing Using Non-Newtonian Fluids
Meng Zhang, Pengfei Zhang, Zhe Yang and Jiang Guo

P-26- OR-12-0326

Ambient pressure fabrication of Nickel-free high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel using laser powder bed fusion method
Baisong Cheng, Fengxia Wei, Wei Hock Teh, Jing Jun Lee, Li Tian Chew, Kok Heng Cheong, Desmond Lau, Chee Koon Ng, Pei Wang, Cheng Cheh Tan


Application of Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification to Improve Cavitation Corrosion Resistance of Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
Changliang Yao, Dosik Shim and Sanghu Park


Aspheric Cutting of CVD-SiC Molds by PCD milling tool
Mirai Sakaida, Tatsuya Furuki, Hirofumi Suzuki and Tatsuya Fukuda

P-25- OR-12-0325

Co-Fe-Ni Alloy Development Using Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS)
Shilin Chen, Wei Hock Teh, V. Chaudhary, Fengxia Wei, Cheng Cheh Tan and R. V. Ramanujan


Development of a Novel Vibration-Assisted Ultraprecision Cutting System for Fabricating Hierarchical Micro/Nanostructures
Hanheng Du, Zhiwei Zhu and Suet To


Electronic Packaging Enhancement Engineered by Enhancing the Reliability Via Rapid Cooling
Seong Yeon Park and Seong Su Kim


Exploration of optimate surface roughness of plasma-based atom-selective etching process of single-crystal silicon
Bing Wu and Hui Deng

P-24- OR-12-0224

Ex-Situ Conditioning Based on Constant Material Removal Rate for a Digital Twin CMP System
Jongmin Jeong, Yeongil Shin, Seonho Jeong, Youngwook Park and Haedo Jeong


Fabrication of Flexible Coil on PDMS for MEMS-based Electromagnetic Membrane Actuator
Chao Qi, Atsushi Nakazato, Naohiro Sugita and Tadahiko Shinshi


Fabrication of Optical Surfaces on Polymethyl Methacrylate by Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning
Makitoshi Shimizu and Jiwang Yan


Factoring Surface Area for Mechanochemical Effects During Micro-scratching
Lionel Yan Jin Lee, Jianyu Tu, and Hao Wang


Generation of Micro Lenslet Arrays using High Efficiency Synchronized Diamond Milling
Nicholas Yew Jin Tan, Rui Huang, Dennis Wee Keong Neo and Kui Liu


Hot Filament Chemical Vapour Deposition on Tungsten Carbide Milling Tools with Magnetic Field Assistance
Fung Ming Kwok, Wai Sze Yip and Suet To


Improving the Machinability of Brittle Materials by Ion Implantation
Jinshi Wang, Fengzhou Fang and Xiaodong Zhang


Influence of Obstacle Section Shape on Electro-thermo-convection
Mingdai Yang, Xiaolong Leng, Waqas Ul Arifeen, P.Rosaiah and Tae Jo Ko


Investigation on the Characteristic of Plasma Deep Etching in Wafer Cutting Industry
Kuan-Yu Lin, Jia-Jhih Shen, Chia-Hao Chang, Chih-Hung Liu, Ta-Hsin Chou and Keh-Chyang Leou


Laser Micro/nano Surface Texturing of SS316L for Superhydrophobicity
Xincai Wang and Yin Chi Wan


Laser-Induced Metallization for Fabrication of Circuits on the 3D Surface of Devices
Min-Chieh Chou, Tune-Hune Kao, Meng-Chi Huang and Ta-Hsin Chou


Research on Terahertz Detector Based on Graphene Nanoribbon and Micron Ribbon
Shengmei He, Shuming Yang, Ze Zhang, Peirui Ji and Wei Chengyi


Sapphire as a Single-Crystal Cutting Tool for Machining Ferrous-Based Optics
Amit Dodmani, Sathyan Subbaih and A. Senthil Kumar


Study on High Performance Machining Optical Surface and its Post-Treatment Strategy by Active Fluid Jet Polishing
Zexiao Li, Hao Zhang, Xiaodong Zhang and Fengzhou Fang


Study on the Spinnable Carbon Nanotube Arrays Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Qi-Fan Liu, Cheng-I Chang, Ruei-Chi Hsu, and Hung-Yin Tsai


Study on the Ultra-Precision Machining of Polycrystalline Tin
Min Lai, Zhifu Xue,Peng Lyn and Fengzhou Fang


Surface Micromachining by Micro Slurry-Jet and Masking Process
Yutaro Doi, Ryota Tashiro, Yuta Nakashima and Yoshitaka Nakanishi

P-23- OR-12-0161

Thermal Transfer Printing of Laser-Induced Graphene for Textile Supercapacitors
Soongeun Kwon, Hak-Jong Choi, Junhyoung Ahn, Hyungjun Lim, Geehong Kim, Kee-Bong Choi and JaeJong Lee


Towards Atomic-scale Smooth β-Ga2O3 Surfaces Manufacturing via Atmospheric Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma
Yongjie Zhang and Hui Deng


Visualization of Graphene Mineral Oil Immersion Cooling for Electric Vehicle Battery Temperature Analysis
Ya-Chi Ho, Po-Chih Chen, Yung-Jen Cheng, Cheng-Ting Hsu and Da-Jeng Yao

Category 13: Molding and Forming Technology


Advanced Hybrid Joining for Needle-punched rCF Composite-Metal Structures via Compression Moulding Process
Wang Chen, Cheah Yi Wen, Wu Zi An, Liu Tong and Tran Le Quan Ngoc


Hybrid Composites with Integrated Metallic Connectors: the Effects of Insert Geometry on the Mechanical Performance of Composite Structures
Wei MingYek, Stephen Daynes, Stefanie Feih, Ridha Muhammad, Zhoucheng Su, Sridhar Narayanaswamy and Le Quan Ngoc Tran

P-43- OR-16-0097

Identification of Vibrations in a Spur Gear Transmission System
Tauqir Muhammad, Shinn- Liang Chang and Jen-Yuan Chang


Influences of Bend Severity, Tool Shape, Forming Wall Angle, and Stepdown Size on Pillow Defect of Stainless-Steel Sheets in Single Point Incremental Forming
Kristian Michael Hai Xiong Tan, Wenting Li, Kai Soon Fong and Suwat Jirathearanat

P-42- OR-13-0244

Investigation of Conformal Heating Capability of a Curved Mold Using CNT Film Heater
Eunji Jeon, Seo-Hyeon Oh and Keun Park


IR-Thermoforming Window Design via a Thermal Approach: for CFRTP and Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites
Cheah Yi Wen, Deng Xinying, Tran Le Quan Ngoc, Tan Long Bin and Teo Wern Sze


Supercritical CO2 Foaming of Polypropylene Nanocomposites: Surfactant and Reinforcing Effects of Silsesquioxane-based Hybrid Janus Molecules
Keen Hoe Ho, Martin Van Meur, Lu Xuehong and Lau Soo Khim

Category 14: Non-traditional Machining Processes


An Analysis and Optimization of Surface Quality in Post-processing of 3D Printed Surfaces Using Fluid Jet Polishing
Lai Ting Ho, Chi Fai Cheung, Ruoxin Wang, Yee Man Loh, Chunjin Wang and Tsz Chun Lai


Anisotropy in ultra-precision machinability of additively manufactured Inconel 718 alloys
Yuchao Bai, Yunfa Guo, Hao Wang


Development of Ultrasonic Transducer with Flexure Hinge for Ultrasonic Spindle Milling
Rendi Kurniawan, Rendi Kurniawan, Minki Choo, Shou Chen, Yein Kwak, Saood Ali, Pilwan Han and Tae Jo Ko


Dynamics and Surface Quality Analysis in Robotic Milling
Yuxuan Zhao, Xiling Yao, Peng Xu, Kui Liu and Seung Ki Moon


Extended Abstract for ASPEN2022(2~4pages) The effects of the temperature on the Ultrasonic transducers
Minki Choo, Rendi Kurniawan, Moran Xu and Taejo Ko


Feasibility study on laser fusion cutting of ultra-thin glass (UTG) aimed for defect-free, molten edge formation
Sho Itoh, Naoto Nagano, Shun Obuchi, Souta Matsusaka and Hirofumi Hidai


Magnetic field dependent machinability in ultra-precision machining of single-crystal copper
Yunfa Guo and Hao Wang


Micro mechanical machining of cemented carbide using PCD tools
Dae Bo Sim, Chan Young Yang, Ju Hyeon Lee, Ho Yoon Kim and Bo Hyun Kim


Numerical Simulation of Glass Rolling Process for Cylindrical Lens Array
Kangsen Li, Chunjin Wang and Chi Fai Cheung


Optimization of Hopkinson Bar Structure for Measuring Discharge Reaction Force in WEDM
Wenting Gu, Masanori Kunieda and Wansheng Zhao


Selective Stress Relaxation of Chemically Strengthened Glass for Mechanical Cutting by Reverse Ion-exchange using Electrochemical Discharge (ECD) Processing
Jonghwan Kim, Seong-Gu Kang and Jihong Hwang


Ultra-Precision Cutting of Monocrystalline Calcium Fluoride at Elevated Temperatures
Elijah Kwabena Antwi, Kui Liu, Hao Wang and Hu Wu

Category 15: Optical Applications


206 nm All-solid-state Deep-ultraviolet Laser for Addictive Manufacturing
Qiandong Ran and Hao Li

P-39- OR-15-0042

A Fully Optical Laser Based System for Damage Detection and Localization in Rail Tracks Using Ultrasonic Rayleigh Waves: A Numerical and Experimental Study
Faeez Masurkar and Fangsen Cui


A new light-field microscope system for high- resolution 3D bio-imaging
Reiji Yagi, Shin Usuki, Kenjiro T. Miura, Tadatoshi Sekine and Takuma Sugi


Advances in Structural Coloration Induced by Integrated Hierarchical Surface Structures Fabricated by Elliptical Vibration Texturing
Yaoke Wang and Ping Guo


Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet Source using a Single Dielectric Nanostructure
Seunghwoi Han

P-37- OR-11-0307

Dynamic Wavefront Sensor by Radial Shearing Interferometry Using Geometric Phase Lenses
Hyo Mi Park, Daewook Kim, Charlotte E. Guthery and Ki-Nam Joo


Effectively and Selectively Sealant Removal Using CO2 Laser
Tan Zhi Hao Tan, Wenhe Feng, Joel Stephen Short and Hao Li


High-stable Mode-locked Fiber Lasers for Absolute Distance Measurement based 3D-Coordinate Positioning
Woojeong Lee, Jungyoon Kim, Joohyung Lee, Seongheum Han, Seungman Kim and Jeongseok Oh


High-speed multi-Line structured-light 3-D scanning system for accurate surface profilometry
Bo-Han Huang, Yuan-Fu Tsao, Fu-Sheng Yang and Liang-Chia Chen


LIDAR-based Automated 3D Inspection System for Corrugated Surface Defects
Chaoyu Dong, Zhaoheng Shi and Hong Luo

P-38- OR-15-0005

Miniaturization of Phase-Difference-of-Arrival Based Visible Light Positioning Receiver Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Pengfei Du, Lalithraj Gundu Praksham, Arokiaswami Alphones and Chen Chen


Optical Depth Measurement for Microgrooves: A Self-interferometry Method based on Near-field Polarization Analysis
Yizhao Guan, Shuzo Masui, Shotaro Kadoya, Masaki Michihata and Satoru Takahashi

P-40- OR-15-0066

Phase-Extraction Formula for Surface Profiling of Optical Flat using Wavelength-Tuning Interferometer
Hwan Kim, Jurim Jeon, Sungtae Kim, and Yangjin Kim


Roll to Roll fabrication of synthesized Light Conversion Film
Chew Beng Soh, Barbara Wei Ting Ang, Szu Cheng Chien, Hui An Chuan Beng Tay and Ryan Tay Hong Soon


Surface Scratch Defect Detection of Titanium Spacer Ring in Hard Disk based on Convolutional Neural Network
Meng-Hsin Tung and Chao-Ching Ho


Ultrafast Multi-focus Optical Tweezer based on a Digital Micromirror Device
Yintao Wang, Bingxu Chen and Shih-Chi Chen


Ultraviolet Harmonic Beam Control via Spatial Phase Modulation of Driving Wavelength
Seungjai Won, Seungman Choi, Taewon Kim, Byunggi KimSeung-Woo Kim and Young-Jin Kim

P-41- OR-15-0249

Xenon Lamp based Broadband Light Source with a High-uniform Beam Profile using an Ellipsoid Reflector
Canh Doan and Joohyung Lee

Category 16: Precision Machine Design


Analysis of Spatial Motion Static and Dynamic performance of Gantry Type Large Machine Tools
Tzu-Chi Chan, Aman Ullah, Shinn Liang Chang and Han-Huei Lin


An Impact-based Automatic Centering Actuator System for Ultra-Precision Turning
Seung-Kook Ro, Gyungho Khim and Doo-Sun Choi

Category 17: Surface Properties and Characterisation


Controlling droplet shape and water repellency by Micro-Structured Precision Surface
Akira Kakuta and Koshi Umezawa


Effect Analysis of the Resolution of Non-Ideal Surface Models for Mechanical Contact Simulations
Akimasa Otsuka and Fusaomi Nagata


Effect of ß-Ti on surface integrity in slot micro-milling multiphase titanium alloy Ti6Al4V
Yabo Zhang, Yabo Zhang and Hao Wang


Effect of Surface Properties on Sealing Performance of Liquid Gasket
Akira Kakuta, Yusuke Uesugi and Yuki Saikachi


Microstructure refinement of cast high-Si Al alloy via laser remelting
Yongjing Yang, Shibo Liu, Youxiang Chew, Guijun Bi andWei Zhou


Recent development of laser microprocessing for silicon substrate
Xinxin Li and Yingchun Guan

P-44- OR-17-0226

Simulation of Planarization Model Considered with Temperature Function in Patterned Cu CMP
Yeongil Shin, Haedo Jeong, Seonho Jeong, Youngwook Park and Jongmin Jeong


Surface Residual Stress Tailoring of 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel by Laser Shock Peening
Aprilia Aprilia, Niroj Maharjan, Jin Lee Tan and Wei Zhou


Towards Optimization of Vibratory Manufacturing Process in Aerospace Industry
Abhay Gopinath, A. Senthil Kumar and Arun Prasanth Nagalingam

Category 18: Other Topics Related to Precision Engineering (eg Service Engineering)


A Mixed Reality Platform for Online Motion Planning of Mobile Robots via Hololens 2
Pattaraorn Yu, Abhimanyu Arora, Youngbin Song and Gim Song Soh

P-45- OR-18-0209

A Multiphysics Informed TR Model for Estimation of Pressure Evolution Induced by Gas Formation of a Lithium-ion Battery
Eunji Kwak, Jun-hyeong Kim, Jinho Jeong and Ki-Yong Oh


A Study on The Stability of the Rotor of the Cryogenic Centrifugal Pump
Chae Sil Kim and Neong Kyo Ha


A Study on the Stability of the Vibration Durability Test Jig for a Hydraulic Hose using the ANSYS Code Module
Chae Sil Kim, Hun Lee, and Pil Geo Park


Experiment and Simulation on the Nanobubble Burst Under High Frequency Ultrasonic Signals
He Wei, Cao Shuai, Aaron Teo Zhi Hao, Raahgini Chandrasegaran and Cui Fangsen

P-46- OR-18-0248

Identifying Degradation Pathways and Prognosis for Lithium-Ion Batteries Through a Stochastic Method
Jun-Hyeong Kim, Eunji Kwak, Jinho Jeong and Ki-Yong Oh


Investigation of Acoustic Emission under Scratch Motion
Jae-Ho Han, You-jin Min and Dae-Eun Kim


Optimal Grouping of Random Grouped Assembly for Three-Dimensional Precision
Wen-Che Chang and Jhy-Cherng Tsai


Study on Machining Errors Analysis of Optical Surface/System by Performance Constraint
Xianlei Liu, Fengzhou Fang and Xiaodong Zhang


Study on the Nanoscale Tribological Characteristics of Thin Film Coatings
Young Chan Jung, You-jin Min and Dae-Eun Kim

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