Proceedings of the
9th International Conference of Asian Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (ASPEN2022)
15 – 18 November 2022, Singapore

Flexibility Wires of Circular Connector Automatic Disassembly Process with the Finite Element Analysis

Yu-Ren Lin, Yu-Cheng Lin, Chao-Ching Hoa

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 1, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 10608, Taiwan


Circular connector four-core wires are made with winding in the cable and the wires of different colors are not distributed fixedly within the cables. The exact position of the four wires inside the cable cannot be determined due to the cables are stripped. In addition, the core wire is flexible, and it is easy to bend in any direction due to external force interference. Because of the above two factors, it is difficult for this process to be fully automated. The purpose of this work is to use the finite element analysis software to simulate the flexibility of the core wire in the four-core cable and design a Separate module that only uses a single-axis-robot and a stepper motor. The core wires wound within the cable are separated by the designed Separate module, which facilitates the subsequent welding process and improves the production efficiency, and reduces labor costs.

Keywords: Precision machining, Finite Element Package, Shape optimization.

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