Technical Papers

A Comparative Evaluation of Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network Model Trained with Different Transfer Functions for the Software Development Effort Estimation
Roheet Bhatnagar and Vandana Bhattacharjee

A Deformable Registration Method for MRI Brain Images
Poonam Gadge, Mukesh D. Patil and Sharayu Deote

A Fuzzy Backpropagation Approach to Biomedical Image Compression
Abdul Khader Jilani Saudagar and Abdul Sattar Syed

A Hybrid Approach for Semantic Web Services Discovery
Vikas Kumar and Rohit Kumar Singh

A Merging Technique — To Reduce Software Merging Conflicts in Object-oriented Refactoring
M. Rajesh and A. Ananda Rao

A New High Performance Loss-less Video Compression & Decompression Techniques
V. Phani Bhushan, V. Eswar Neela Rao and M. Giri

A PSO Algorithm based on Biologe Population Multiplication (PMPSO)
Lei Yin and Xiaoxiang Liu

A Survey for Reversible Watermarking Approach on Application Oriented Fragile Images
K. ShanmugaPriya and S. Divya

A Survey on Architecture Taxonomy and Products of Intrusion Detection System
D. P. Gaikwad and R. C. Thool

A Systematic Approach for Intrusion Detection based on Extended Fuzzy Petri Net
Raed I. Hamed

Advanced Underwater Video Compression Algorithm
Vishakha N. Nagrale and Niraj Nagrale

An Efficient Way of Flooding for Multimedia Content Delivery by using Passive Clustering and RRDBFSF
Kapil Kumar and Ashwani Kumar and Jabir Ali

Analysing Internet Slang for Sentiment Analysis

ANN based Approach for Recognition of Handwritten Bengali Numerals by Analyzing Two Different Feature Extraction Methods
Mahua Nandy (Pal)

Computer Application for Simulation of Control Process at mRNA Synthesis
O. Simov, A. Dika and B. Percinkova

Deployment of Neutrosophic Technology to Retrieve Imprecise Data in Bio-informatics
Meena Arora and Ranjit Biswas

Digital Approach of Image Processing Towards Medical Science
Moreshwar J. Thawkar and Robin Raina

DNA Computing
M. Hazira Bibi, S. Rajeshwari and P. Neelambal

Efficient Learning of a Robot for Autonomous Exploration Refined using Behavior-based Hybrid Architecture
Dip N. Ray, Amit Mondal, Sumit Mukhopadhyay and Somajyoti Majumder

Evaluation and Comparison of Different Deconvolution Techniques in the Assessment of CBF, CBV and MTT in Perfusion MR Images
Alwin D. Anuse, Rupali S. Kute and Dhairya Badiyani

Experimental Evaluation of Performance Gain of Multi-core System through OpenMP
Sharada G. Kulkarni and Nandini Sidnal

Exploring Cloud — An Insight in to IT Platform Architecture Transformation
Gunjan Rathi

Face Recognition using RFID
K. V. Kiran Kumar, Chetan, Kiran and Syed

Generalized RFID-based Tracking system Framework for Indian Manufacturing Industries
C. Suresh and B. P. Vijaya Kumar

Graph Isomorphism + Gabor Wavelet for Face Recognition
Sheetal Chaudhari and Archana Kale

Human Machine Interface and Steering Control using Touch Screen
Apeksha V . Sakhare and V. M. Thakare

Implementation of Invisible Digital Watermarking on Image using Nonlinear Function
Sabyasachi Samanta and Saurabh Dutta

Improvising the Indian Kiosk Voting System using Biometric Authentication with Hierarchically Structured Servers
G. Anusha

Knowledge-based Information Retrieval of Sinusitis and Certain Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology of Sinuses
R. Karthikeyan, P. Loganathan, S. Selvakumar and M. Revathi

Medical Expert Systems – An Overview
A. Malathi Palani

Metrics for Effective Software Development using Component based Software Engineering
Rachit Mohan Garg and Kapil Kumar

Mobile based Personalized Gym Training System
P. Sanath Kumar, Sagar, Shivilingapa, Devraj and B. P. Vijay Kumar

Monomodal Brain Image Registration using Modified Adaptive Polar Transform
D. Sasikala and R. Neelaveni

Multicore Object Framework (MOF): An Effective Approach Towards Developing Applications for Multicore using C++ and POSIX Threads for Parallel Processing
Prabin R. Sahoo

Natural Language Grammar Induction using Genetic and Parallel Genetic Algorithms and Load Balancing
Hari Mohan Pandey

Ontology’s in Trust Negotiation Systems: Facts, Challenges, and Solutions based on Privacy on the Web
G. Akilandeswary

Performance Engineering, Testing and System Sizing of an Automatic Code Evaluation Framework
Mohit Nanda and Amol Khanapurkar

Performance Evaluation of Parallel Algorithm Using Multi-Core System
Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Performance of the Methods for the Detection of Optic Disk in Retinal Images
V. Vijaya Kumari and N. Suriyanarayanan

Photonic Imaging System
Arvind Vishnubhatla

Putting the Corpus Into the Dictionary
Vinay Hegde and T. Rangaswamy

Reliable Mining Method for Selection of Test Cases Generated from User Specification
Lilly Ramesh and G.V. Uma

Requirements Development Measures
Mahmoud Khraiwesh

Simulation Tool for Brownian Motion
Anwar Pasha Abdul Gafoor Desmukh, Abdul Khader Jilani Saudagar and A. R. Khan

SMS and MMS to Facilitate Medical Emergency and Healthcare Model
Shihab A. Hameed and Vladimir Miho

State-machine based Adaptive Application Profiling Near-zero Overheads using Progressive Refinements
Amol Khanapurkar and Suresh Malan

Survey: Workload Balancing in Virtual Machines
M. R. Anala and G. Shobha

Theatre at My Desk
Swaraj S. Acharya and Snehal Bodke

UML and UML based Tool for Ontology Engineering
Nitin Singh Rajput and Rohit Kumar Singh

Various Objects Detection Using Bayesian Theory
Varun Gupta and Nikhil Rathi

Workflow Modeling
Sumagna Patnaik

Art of Writing Good Technical Abstracts (Non IEEE Informative Paper)
K. Kokula Krishna Hari

Art of Writing Effective Technical Paper and Presentation
K. Kokula Krishna Hari and S. Prithiv Rajan