Simulation Tool for Brownian Motion

Anwar Pasha Abdul Gafoor Desmukh1, Abdul Khader Jilani Saudagar1 and A. R. Khan2

1College of Computer and Information Technology, University of Tabuk, Tabuk., Saudi Arabia.

2Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Centre for Higher Learning, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria marg, Rauza Bagh, Aurangabad 431001, India.


With advancement of computers and Internet, there has been an increasing trend in utilizing computers and Internet for teaching and Education. Advanced topics and High Tech experiments demand for lot of infrastructure. There are areas in living sciences and other subjects where the magnitude of information is so huge that it is more convenient to do the experiment by simulation using computers. The present work relates to development of computer based learning resource that can be used as an online teaching aid or an offline tool to study the Brownian motion in two dimensions. It is an interactive tool where the learner can change the parameters of interest to study the Brownian motion and actually see the effect by way of simulated graphics. Quantitative values of the parameters arising from the simulation study is also available to the learner. The Brownian motion is a phenomenon occurring at microscopic scale and thus actual study of the experiment requires real time monitoring of microscopic development and progress of the Brownian motion which is a tedious task and very difficult to implement in laboratory. To this effect, to carry out the experiment under different desired conditions, a computer based tool is developed that enables the learner to conduct experiment using simulation and see the results quantitatively. It is being uploaded on internet as an online Computer Simulation material.

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