Human Machine Interface and Steering Control using Touch Screen

Apeksha V . Sakhare1 and V. M. Thakare2

1Master of Engineering [ESC], Computer Science Department, GHRCE Nagpur.

2Professor, P.G. Depatrment of Computer Science, Faculty of Engg and Tech., S.G.B. Amravti University, Amravti.


To summarize, project will play a significant role in developing the embedded software environment to connect the new generations of wireless cooperative objectives, which are emerging as a significant new technology in the automotive through the development of an open specification and development platform and the validation of the results through a range of prototype applications at the sub-system, vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure level. The project has an overarching goal of utilizing new embedded middleware to support the underlying logic and communications required for future cooperating wireless objects and the applications they may support in the automotive and road transport domains. The need for graphical user interfaces in industrial and consumer applications is steadily increasing. For instance, LCDs are now on appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves, allowing enhanced human control. Along with the LCD, the use of touch screens is also increasing. To address this need, free scale is introducing a family of cost-effective and highly integrated Atmega microcontrollers that feature an integrated touch screen controller module. The idea behind the selection of project was channelization of human thoughts to automated realization. It is decided to implement the theme of automatic maneuvering of vehicles and the unanimous choice of sensor was touch screen. It was started with the thought of being able to replace the steering of a car completely by a touch screen. It is drawn on the experience of driving to reach at the choice of touch screen as a drive interface. Another innovation was the touch screen controller being wireless. The idea behind the project is application of the user input tracking capability of the touch screen to an RC car control scheme. The Radio controlled car should follow the path drawn by user on a touch screen in real time.

Keywords: Touch screen, Automated vehicle, Steering control, AVR microcontroller, Wireless communication.

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