Advanced Underwater Video Compression Algorithm

Vishakha N. Nagrale and Niraj Nagrale

Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Research and Technology, Chandrapur, Nagpur University, Maharashtra, India.


This paper presents a advanced algorithm for underwater video compression. This algorithm mainly consists of three components that are automatic pre-processing of underwater images, global motion estimation, and hybrid global-local motion compensation. Automatic underwater pre-processing algorithm is employed to reduce the computation time of underwater images. Global motion transform between neighbouring frames are estimated by using a fast and robust feature-point based algorithm. Then a hybrid global-local motion compensation scheme is proposed to reduce the temporal redundancy of video sequences. While maintaining the acceptable perceptual quality of reconstructed images, the proposed algorithm can provide high coding efficiency.

Keywords: Underwater video, Resizing of images, RGB to YCbCr, Wavelet denoising, Equalizing colour mean.

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