Computer Application for Simulation of Control Process at mRNA Synthesis

O. Simov1, A. Dika1 and B. Percinkova2

1SEE University, Republic of Macedonia.

2European University, Republic of Macedonia


The DNA micro array chips allow measuring of the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. The experimental data obtained during such measurements may be used for a functional understanding of genome dynamics by means of mathematical modelling[5]. The network which controls the expression of the genes is called Genetic Regulatory Network – GRN.

In this work we are present computer application which simulate GRN. In the presented application, two models for representing GRN are supported. First model is Boolean GRN[1], second model is extended Boolean GRN model.

First model represent pure Boolean GRN. There are algorithms for transform entire state space with defined number of transitions, find numbers of basins of attraction, basins of attraction structures and periodical cycles, hamming distances[2] between beginning states after defined number of transitions and differences what appear after minimal perturbations. GRN can be generated randomly or custom defined by user.

Second model represent extended Boolean GRN. With this model is possible to calculate proteins concentration after defined number of time steps and defined start position. GRN can be generated randomly or custom defined by user.

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