A New High Performance Loss-less Video Compression & Decompression Techniques

V. Phani Bhushan1, V. Eswar Neela Rao1 and M. Giri2

1ECE, PBRVITS, Kavali, Nellore (D), A.P, India.

2IT, MLEC, Singarayakonda, Prakasam(D), A.P, India.


Video compression is the one of the popular research area. In the existing methods of video compression and decompression, video data is lost during the compression and decompression process. All of the existing systems for video compression are lossy compressions. In this paper we propose two techniques for image compression and decompression. In the first technique we use Huffman encoder algorithm to encode the video clipping and in the second technique use Huffman decoder to restore the original video clipping. The data lossy in this process are compared with the existing techniques and the data loss during our proposed technique is almost equal to zero percent. Our proposed technique is a lossless video compression and decompression.

Keywords: Video compression, Video decompression, DWT, IDWT, Huffman encoding and decoding.

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