Digital Approach of Image Processing Towards Medical Science

Moreshwar J. Thawkar and Robin Raina

Computer Technology Department, K.D.K. College of Engineering, Nagpur(Maharashtra).


As a field of scientific investigation medical imaging constitutes a sub-discipline of biomedical engineering, medical physics and computer science depending on the context. Research and development in the area of instrumentation, modeling, and quantification are usually the preserve of biomedical engineering, medical physics and computer science.

Many of the techniques developed for medical imaging which have scientific and industrial applications. The total area of the medical science such as cardiology, psychology, oncology, neuroscience, radiology, has been preserved by the medical imaging.

Medical imaging is often perceived to designate the sets of techniques that non-invasively produce image of the internal aspect of the human body. This leads to study about the internal anatomy and psychology of human body as well as animal body.

The advanced technology and instruments had made this medical science as its servant.

In this paper, we present the ,so far, developed instruments for research and analyzing internal anatomy of human body, its different body parts, and human tissues, also their effects on human body and their preliminary results.

In contrast we will see how image processing had taken a glance towards medical science and how digital approach of image processing helps medical science to make it more advanced. Also we will se that how medical imaging has made each research and development process more easy. By this we can take the whole globe on our hand.

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