Survey: Workload Balancing in Virtual Machines

M. R. Anala1 and G. Shobha2

1Department of CSE, R V College of Engineering.

2Dean P G Studies (CSE&ISE), R V College of Engineering.


Virtualization is the key technology used in many cluster systems referred to as cloud computing. Increase in the number of virtual machines (VM) in a cluster makes it difficult to manage the resources allocated to each of them. As a result there may be contention in the resources allocated for these virtual machines. It may also be possible that a specific virtual machine is targeted and overloaded. This leads to underperforming of VM or the VM may collapse and fail to continue to serve. This enforces to balance the workload among VMs. This paper addresses the issues related to workload balancing of VMs by using the concept of live migration.

Keywords: Virtual machine, Virtualization, Live migration, Hypervisor, Workload balancing.

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