Generalized RFID-based Tracking system Framework for Indian Manufacturing Industries

C. Suresh1 and B. P. Vijaya Kumar2

1J.N.N. College of Engineering, Shimoga- 577201, Karnataka, India.

2Reva Insitute of Technology and Management, Bangalore, 560064, India.


Indian economy is closely related to industrial growth along with information technology. Innovative technologies related to information and automation makes manufacturing companies to focus more on how to adopt these technologies to improve their productivity. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is one of such technology that allows better monitoring and tracking of the manufacturing processes. This has become an increasingly recognized technology, with its real time tracking ability in supply chain management. This paper proposes a generalized RFID based system development and implementation approach for monitoring and analysis of manufacturing processes in industries. As a case study we have shown how to adopt the proposed system and its framework to the alloy component manufacturing industry. This work also presents implementation issues of the proposed framework and economical consideration to improve the manufacturing process.

Keywords: Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Manufacturing process customization, Supply chain management.

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