Medical Expert Systems – An Overview

A. Malathi Palani

Lecturer in Computer Science, M. S. Ramaiah College of Art’s, Science and Commerce, Bangalore


Artificial intelligence is defined as comprising certain techniques that allow computers to take on the characteristics of human intelligence. Expert system is a branch of artificial intelligence that makes an extensive use of specialized knowledge to solve problems at the level of a human expert. Expert systems are designed and created to facilitate tasks in the fields of accounting, medicine, process control, financial service, production, human resources etc. Expert or knowledge-based systems are the commonest type of AIM (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) system in routine clinical use. They contain medical knowledge, usually about a very specifically defined task, and are able to reason with data from individual patients to come up with reasoned conclusions. The paper gives an overview of expert system in medicine.

Keywords: Expert system, Architecture, Knowledge base, Inference engine, etc,.

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