Knowledge-based Information Retrieval of Sinusitis and Certain Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology of Sinuses

R. Karthikeyan1, P. Loganathan1, S. Selvakumar1 and M. Revathi2

1S.R.M Arts and Science College, Kattankulathur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

2Annai Veilankanni’s Arts and Science College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


In the field of artificial intelligence, problem solving can be simplified by an appropriate choice of knowledge representation. Representing the knowledge in one or more way may make the solution simple. This work presents a brief description of different approaches and techniques about knowledge representation. Knowledge base as primitive, it then describes about the sinusitis diseases using knowledge representation techniques like semantic networks, predicate logic, decision trees. Sinusitis is one of the most common medical problems affecting approximately thirty percent of the population. Acute sinusitis commonly follows a cold and typically last for up to three weeks. After three weeks it becomes defined as a chronic sinusitis and may become much more difficult to treat. Once the patient was affected by sinus they are treated through various stages like asking questions about their current status and doctors can find whether they are affected by acute or chronic sinus. If they are in acute stage they can be curable through antibiotics or they might go for a surgery depending on the patient’s sinus. Finally we introduce a remedy for sinusitis problems through various techniques. To obtain the best treatment option, the physician needs to properly assess the patient’s history and symptoms and then progress through a structured physical examination.

Keywords: Knowledge base, Predicate logic, Semantic networks, Decision tree, Expert system, Artificial intelligence, Knowledge representation.

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