Technical Papers

A Clubbing of E-commerce and Social Networking Sites
D. Seshathiri

A New Archetype in Semantic Web based E-learning for Student Evaluation
Amit Chauhan

A Study on Competency Mapping of Employees in M/s ON LOAD GREAS at Chennai
P. Anbuoli and V. B. Devibala

Artificial Technology Enabled Strategy Planning for Performance and Productivity Improvement for Large Scale Industries
Roopika Palukurthi, Ravi Raiyani and Dhairya Badiyani

Blue Ocean Strategy – A Sustainable Strategy for Indian Economy
Naveena Chawda

Citizen Centric E-governance: The Only Solution to Eradicate Corruption
Ghazi Mohammed Zafaruddin and Mushtaq Siddiqui

Dynamic Pass Plot Scheme for Online Authentication
S. Mithun Ganesh

E-learning Management for Differently Abled Learner
V. Khanna, R. Senthamarai and S. Vasudevan

Family Managed Businesses – Issues of Governance
S. Vasudevan and K. P. V. Ramana Kumar

Innovative Approach to Critical Success Factors of ERP Implementation
Shankaranarayana Malakondaiah and Kevin o’ Hara

Key Critical Success Factor for ERP Implementations
R. Dhinakaran Samuel

Knowledge-based Information Retrieval of Sinusitis and Certain Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology of Sinuses
R. Karthikeyan, P. Loganathan, S. Selvakumar and M. Revathi

Management Techniques to Improve Pre and Post Disaster Effects with Reference to Global Platform
Sonali Shirpurkar and Anamika Shrivastava

Measuring the Internal Stability of Retail Market Segmentation based on Store Images – A Fuzzy Clustering Approach
Deivanayagam M. Sezhiyan and M. Meena

M-power the Labor
Rahul Khanna, Adhar Bhagat, Nitesh Dewani and Harvinder

Object Oriented Modeling of SWOT Analysis of Engineering Education in India
Soumen Mukherjee and Anal Acharya

Quality Issues of ERP Implementation and Interrelated Risks Affecting ERP Post-implementation
Nazneen Khan and Pankaj Agarwal

Relationship Marketing & Customer Loyalty - A Dyadic Exploration
Kunal Gaurav

SCM IT (E)3 – Evolution, Existence and Extent of IT in Global Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review
Sriramulu Saravanan, K. S. Jaishankar, Sajeesh Kumar Krishnan Nair and B. Venkatachalam

Service Quality Measurement Technique with Minimum Attributes (SERVQUAL-MA) Improve by Human Resources Management
Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

Study of Management of Secondary Education in Changing Environment
Ashwini Abhay Kulkarni

Supply Chain Management and Optimization Models
Sriramulu Saravanan, K. S. Jaishankar, Sajeesh Kumar Krishnan Nair and B. Venkatachalam

Taking Indian Cricket a Step Forward
M. Uma Maheswari

The Concepts of Software Project Management in Information Technology
G. K. Prashanth

The Synergy between the ERP and E-business
Neelabh Srivastava, Pankaj Agarwal, Sandeep A. Mishra and Kuldeep Singh

Unlocking the Gridlocks in Supply Chain Integration Projects
Sriramulu Saravanan, K. S. Jaishankar, Sajeesh Kumar Krishnan Nair and B. Venkatachalam

Weak Passwords Practices and their Impact on the Security Systems of Universities in India: Analysis and Policy
Rakesh Roshan

Art of Writing Good Technical Abstracts (Non IEEE Informative Paper)
K. Kokula Krishna Hari

Art of Writing Effective Technical Paper and Presentation
K. Kokula Krishna Hari and S. Prithiv Rajan