Innovative Approach to Critical Success Factors of ERP Implementation

Shankaranarayana Malakondaiah and Kevin o’ Hara

University of Wales, London Campus, Kensington College of Business


ERP system is the software system to connect together an business functions, strategy and management with the IT environment systems. The ERP systems are involved in late 1990’s and today’s world is using more versions in ERP. The different process of ERP management functions have the success and failure times. This paper is first leads to finds the pre-research of critical success factors in the ERP and find the new factors for current trends. Describe the innovation factors and how they are very useful to ERP management. The research is preceded with combined methods of qualitative and quantitative. This report states 15 CSFs (Critical Success Factors) from four points of view: strategic, tactical, socio – cultural and innovation factors. The comprehensive analysis and identification of these factors can be required for further improvement in implementation success.

Keywords: Enterprise resource planning, Critical success factors, Innovation factors, Grade.

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