Relationship Marketing & Customer Loyalty - A Dyadic Exploration

Kunal Gaurav

Dhruva College of Management, Hyderabad – 501401, AP, India


The literature revealed that the marketing has moved from “transaction marketing to relationship marketing”. We are living in the world of globalization where competition has become an unavoidable element of business and customers became extremely commanding that is why all the firms in the same industry are trying to cease the wallet of the same customers in various ways even they are offering similar products and services. At this backdrop, customer loyalty has become key factor that determine the success of business organizations; with the growing understanding that attracting new customers is far more costly than retaining existing ones. Very often marketers rely upon relationship marketing approach to make their customers loyal to make sure that customers will certainly come back to them for the same products and services. This study aims to understand the impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty. At the same time, this study is also intended to examine the impact of various demographic variables like gender, income and education in association with relationship marketing variables on customer loyalty.

Keywords: Relationship marketing, Customer loyalty, Factor analysis, Multiple regression analysis.

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