M-power the Labor

Rahul Khanna, Adhar Bhagat, Nitesh Dewani and Harvinder

Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Department, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gr.Noida, U.P, India.


“M-Power the labor” is an approach to provide employment services online to workers and mainly to the workers of unorganized sectors which may include mason, carpenter, gardener, painter etc. It is a web-based solution through which worker(s) can register themselves for their respective skill specialization. Using this system general public or organized sector user (may include any builder/contractor) can select the worker(s) as per their needs. Users can put their demands regarding particular skill workers along with project location, and project details.

There are numerous workers in the world who are not getting the employment due to very less availability and knowledge of internet remote locations and having lack of internet technologies and literacy. The objective of this system is to provide employment to overcome unemployment problem through the web-based solution.

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