Taking Indian Cricket a Step Forward

M. Uma Maheswari


The most loved sport in India, needs no introduction. Cricket is the most popular sport in India which is recognized as the unofficial national sport of India. Every person, despite of his or her age, has an opinion on this game. The craze of cricket in India is really dramatic. The country comes to a stop when a cricket match is being played - the roads are deserted, parties and weddings are postponed, operations in hospitals are rescheduled, parliament goes in for early closing. North-south, east-west, rich-poor, men-women, rural-urban, Hindu-Muslim - a craze bordering on madness unites the nation when it comes to cricket. If a person walks in the streets of India during weekend, he can find cricket being played all around. The passion to take up cricket as a profession grows into a person right from his childhood. There are hundreds of talents developing day by day. In spite of all these advantages, Team India still flatters in International arena. The billion fans (stakeholders) all around the nation get disheartened by seeing their heroes losing in the battle field. It is BCCI as cricketing management to be blamed for not being able to identify the best 15 players in the country to play for TEAM INDIA. In this paper, I have analysed the flaws in BCCI and have come up with a solution in order to take Indian cricket a step forward.

Keywords: BCCI, Indian team, Domestic team, Selectors, Bowler, Batsman, Coach.

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