Supply Chain Management and Optimization Models

Sriramulu Saravanan1, K. S. Jaishankar 2, Sajeesh Kumar Krishnan Nair3 and B. Venkatachalam4

1Senior Director, DHL Global Forwarding, Customer Integration Management, Singapore

2Supply Chain Systems Consultant, DHL Global Customer Solutions, Supply Chain Logistics, Singapore

3Customer Consultant, DHL Global Forwarding, Customer Integration Management, Singapore

4Professor & Director, Shushruti Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore, India


Supply chain is one of the key trade enabler and hence efficient management of itself brings opportunity for higher growth. The market forces – supply and demand, legal, taxation improvements, bilateral agreements and/or trade association/groups are enhancing and developing number of general to specialized supply chain models. Such supply chain models and its management greatly relay on the timely information availability and accuracy. Today’s focus on “time-to-market” with shorter product life cycle, further categorically emphasizes the need for better Supply Chain Management (SCM). Businesses entities are observing the competitive advantage through SCM and by practicing SCM, they have been innovating optimized and specialized supply chain models. Focus of this paper is to study the SCM, different supply chain models and optimization of SCMs and some of the challenges / gaps on existing supply chain networks.

Keywords: Supply chain optimization, Supply chain management, SCM, Supply chain model.

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