Service Quality Measurement Technique with Minimum Attributes (SERVQUAL-MA) Improve by Human Resources Management

Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

Electronics and Communications Engineering Department, Camellia Institute of Technology, Kolkata 700129, India.


Human Resources Management (HRM) is an important area in which total progress and achievement of an organization lies. A HR or HRD manager should have sound knowledge in various fields and he has to adopt different techniques for practical development purposes. The measurement of service quality has become a difficult task due to inherent peculiarities and fluctuations regarding human services involved. Several researchers has tried to ensure solution for service quality measurement using normal scaling technique like Likert scale, Ordinal scale etc., but they have not yet succeeded to develop the essence of service quality in a real time basis. In this paper, I have shown how implementation of Human Resources Management improve service quality by considering the most important three attributes like responsiveness, empathy and innovative power of the involved human beings i.e. workers in a real time basis. Measurement and analysis of service quality by the three attributes for different organizations can be achieved by computer software like DBMS, RDBMS, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, Teradata etc.

Keywords: Human resources management (HRM), Human resources development (HRD), Empathy, Innovative power, Responsiveness, Servqual, Servperf, Servqual-MA.

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