A Study on Competency Mapping of Employees in M/s ON LOAD GREAS at Chennai

P. Anbuoli1 and V. B. Devibala2


2Department of Management Studies, Michael Institute of Management, Madurai, Tamil Nadu


Competence management is becoming increasingly in today’s dynamic context since it is becoming the only competitive advantage the organization actually has which cannot be duplicated easily by the competitor. Competence management will have various aspects under it like competence profiling and finding what the company is good, competence building that is building new competence to match the market demands, recruitment based on competencies etc. competencies enable individuals to identify and articulate what they offer regardless of the job they happen to have at the time so that their organization can see value and utilize what capability is actually available. The present research is framed to check the competency (ies) for functional responsibilities. It also emphasizes on framing the competency model. The research on competency mapping of the employee taps the competency level of different level and cadre of the employees, as per the functional responsibilities. It helped to find out the competency gap and draft a competency building model. The research was conducted on 80 samples from the company through the research the company can know the competency level of the employees the company can also take the opportunity to identify the factors which may response for the competency of the employees.

Keywords: Competency (ies), Competency Mapping.

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