Unlocking the Gridlocks in Supply Chain Integration Projects

Sriramulu Saravanan1, K. S. Jaishankar 2, Sajeesh Kumar Krishnan Nair3 and B. Venkatachalam4

1Senior Director, DHL Global Forwarding, Customer Integration Management, Singapore

2Supply Chain Systems Consultant, DHL Global Customer Solutions, Supply Chain Logistics, Singapore

3Customer Consultant, DHL Global Forwarding, Customer Integration Management, Singapore

4Professor & Director, Shushruti Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore, India


Rapid growth of supply chain with complex supply chain solutions across geography is demanding Integration of various supply chain systems. This demand for integration can be considered as the growing pressure from large global customers. Organisations to meet this demand are in rush to implement integration solutions or projects to reap the business benefits, but looking at this from a practical approach one question that arises is – How many have been successful meeting the objectives thus providing business benefits? Although there is enough research being published to identify the success and failure factors, through this paper an attempt to identify the gridlocks not just during the project stage but even before the project starts and relating this to 3 key elements people, process and technology. Apart from these the Paper focuses on the project practices adopted by organisations in managing the integration projects.

Keywords: Supply chain management, Supply chain integration, Project management.

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