Management Techniques to Improve Pre and Post Disaster Effects with Reference to Global Platform

Sonali Shirpurkar1 and Anamika Shrivastava2

1Ex Indian Air Force Aeronautical Engineer Officer.

2Department of Engineering Chemistry GEC, Gwalior.


Tropical climate and unstable landforms, coupled with high population density, poverty, illiteracy and lack of adequate infrastructure, makes the countries most vulnerable to suffer very often from various natural disasters, namely drought, flood, cyclone, earth quake, landslide, forest fire, hail storm, locust, volcanic eruption, etc. Which strike causing a devastating impact on human life, economy and environment. Though it is almost impossible to fully recoup the damage caused by the disasters, it is possible to (i) minimize the potential risks by developing early warning strategies (ii) prepare and implement developmental plans to provide resilience to such disasters (iii) mobilize resources including communication and telemedicine services, and (iv) to help in rehabilitation and post-disaster reconstruction. Giving an insight to the same and taking baby steps may evolve greater results. Use of Management tools such as Kaizen and PDCA in the system can prove the effects and results could improve drastically.

Keywords: Disaster, Kaizen, PDCA.

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