The Synergy between the ERP and E-business

Neelabh Srivastava1, Pankaj Agarwal2, Sandeep A. Mishra3 and Kuldeep Singh1

1Singhania University, Rajasthan.

2NIMS University, Rajasthan.

3TDL College of Technology & Management, Lucknow, UPTU.


The concept of the ERP is very new to the medium scale industry. Based on the internet, E-Business plays a great role to drive ERP integration. ERP gains their global visibility through the extended network with their trading partners and respond quickly to all the information varying from the customer demand to resource shortage. Adopting E-Business approaches, enterprise can reap the ERP integration benefits of reduced cost, increased flexibility, more rapid and efficient response, etc. This paper makes a deep analysis of Traditional ERP system and explores its limitations under E-Business, based on which the paper forwards a specific integration model of ERP with E-Business, it also deal with the method’s to enhance the effectiveness of the ERP. It also emphasis how the security can be imposed in it.

Keywords: Integration, E-business, ERP.

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