Technical Papers

N. Yasar Arfath and M. Imranullah

A Comparison of Voltage & Current Signals for Impedance Cardiography
Nikhil Rathi and Rohit Sharma

A New Approach for Identifying the Shortest Communications Paths among Components in CBD based Software Products
K. S. Jasmine, R. Vasantha and Derick J. Mathew

A Novel Information Hiding Technique Using Codes in HTML Files
Tripti Sharma and A. Ajaya Kumar

A Proposal for New Software Development Life Cycle Model: PARTH’s Model
Parth Birendra and Arashdeep Kaur

A Simulation Model for Crop Yield under Varying Soil and Different Amount of Nutrients Conditions using Artificial Neural Networks in Back Propagation Algorithm
N. Manoharan, R. Balasubramanian and J. Jeyabaskaran

A Survey on Noisy Medical Image Segmentation using Clustering
Manisha Sutar and N. J. Janwe

A Virtual Instrument to Identify Presence of Obstructive and Restrictive Diseases
S. K. Shrivastav, M. S. Pawar and Swati S.Tidke

An Artificial Device of Neuroscience
R. Anand Raj

An Efficient Feature based Classification for JPEG Steganalysis
Deepa D. Shankar

An Embedded Systems Approach for Implementing a Low Cost, Less Power Consumption and Stand-alone Music Synthesizer
Akansha A. Pilley and N. G. Bawane

Analysis of Ranking Models for Information Retrieval in Hindi
Suneet Kumar Gupta, Vikas Kumar, Gopal Gupta and Gaurav Kansal

Anatomical Asymmetry of Human Breast Image Analysis and Detection
S. K. Bandyopadhyay

Authenticated Batch-signature for Multicasting
P. Shrividhya and T. Aarthy

Comprehensive Experimental Analysis of Stochastic Computation Algorithms
Syed Asadullah Hashmi

Detection of Bifurcation of Nerve in Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy Images using Digital Image Processing Algorithms
N. GopalaKrishnan and P. Arun Srinivas

Direct Digital (sinusoidal) Synthesizer using CORDIC Algorithm
Anita Sharma and R. D. Daruwala

Effective Video-on-demand Transmission Methodology
Rachit Mohan Garg and Mohd. Dilshad Ansari

Efficiency Analysis of Web Quality using Artificial Neural Networks
N. Manoharan and R. Balasubramanian

Efficient Protocol for Fair Exchange of Data Over Internet
Geeta M. Arwindekar and Prashant Y. Itankar

Efficient Tasks Scheduling for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Parallel Computing using Enhanced Genetic Algorithm
Jaspal Singh, Jasbir Singh Gill and Tarandeep Singh Walia

Elicitation of Non Functional Requirements in Grid Environment
P. Muthuchelvi and C. Guhan

Environmental Texts based Document Classification using Ontology
V. Uma

Error Flow Analysis of Abstract Models
Pradip Peter Dey, Bhaskar Raj Sinha, Mohammad Amin, Hassan Badkoobehi and Arun Datta

Feature Extraction and Selection for Medical Images- A Hybrid Approach
M. Vasantha and V. Subbiah Bharathy

Generic Framework for Vehicle Driver Assistance System to Prevent Against Vulnerable Road Traffic Pedestrians
R. Geetha Ramani, C. S. Aishwarya and R. Aishwarya Lakshmi

Grid Computing : Opportunities or Hype
A. J. Ajal

Hand Written Signature Image Analysis and Recognition
Tai-Hoon Kim

HWTRS: Hand Written Text Recognition System
Jigyasu Dubey and Anand Rajavat

Image Segmentation by Using Finite Bivariate Doubly Truncated GMM With EM + MML Criterion
A. Tejaswi and A. Manaswi

Incorporating Generalized Modified Weibull TEF in to Software Reliability Growth Model and Analysis of Optimal Release Policy
Shaik. Mohammad Rafi and Shaheda Akthar

Insertion of CRC Bits into MPEG-4 Bitstream for Error Detection at Frame Level
Bhumin Pathak, Geoff Childs and Maaruf Ali

Issues and Challenges of Software Reengineering Process
Anand Rajavat and Jigyasu Dubey

Kannada Speech Recognition using Discrete Wavelet Transform – PCA
M. A. Anusuya and S. K. Katti

Malware Threat in Android Operating System
Lukas Jeter, Meenakshi Mani, Tia Reinschmidt and Shivakant Mishra

Mammographic Image Enhancement using Double Sigmoid Transformation Function
Vikrant Bhateja and Swapna Devi

Modeling and Analysis of the Crankshaft using ANSYS Software
S. Arumugam and S. Arunkumar

Modelling of Classification Functions for Onboard Processor
Arvind Vishnubhatla

Optimal Operation of Hydropower Station by using an Improved DE Algorithm
Lei Yin and Xiaoxiang Liu

Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke in Cardiovascular Diabetics
C. Sujatha and R. Anitha

Project Aura: Toward’s Amenable Pervasive Computing
Vishal Bhimrao Dhule

Recognition and Classification of Traffic Signs from Video
P. P. Halkarnikar and Nikita R. Shetty

Requirement Management Frame Work for Expert Systems
N. Jayakanthan

Retrieving Quality Web Pages by Developing an Intelligent Web
P. Bhavani

Segmenting the Colored X-ray Images
N. Ravia Shabnam Parveen and M. Mohammed Sathik

“SIG-PASSWORD” - Design and Analysis of Authentication Scheme for Graphical Password
Debnath Bhattacharyya

Software Engineering Strategies for Mobile Software Development In View of Current Development Scenario – A Road Map
Selvakumar Samuel, Kesava Pillai Rajadorai and A. Vazeerudeen

Spintronics the Future of RAM Technology
N. A. Sudarshan and T. K. Prakash

Video Denoising using with Both Spatial and Temporal Filters based on Video Codec Motion Estimation
Nagaraju Panaganti and M. Sreenadh Reddy

Art of Writing Good Technical Abstracts (Non IEEE Informative Paper)
K. Kokula Krishna Hari

Art of Writing Effective Technical Paper and Presentation
K. Kokula Krishna Hari and S. Prithiv Rajan