Modeling and Analysis of the Crankshaft using ANSYS Software

S. Arumugam1 and S. Arunkumar2

1Kongunadu College of Engg & Tech, Thottiam – 621 215, Tamil Nadu.

2Austrian Energy & Environment, Chennai.


The analysis of the crankshaft in the recent years is renewed due to crankshaft difficulties. Difficulties are caused by either deficiency in analysis procedure or in the nature of fast start application or both. The continuous upgrading of the engine rating is another factor. Torsional vibration creates a potentially dangerous condition in the crankshaft. In that there may be no visible or audible indication of its existence. The analysis of the torsional vibrations difficult and it provides very less useful information.

This project deals with torsional of Maruthi-800, 3-Cylinder petrol engine crankshaft. Initially the Crankshaft was modeled by using modeling software package Pro E according to its original dimensions. Then the modeled pars was imported in the analysis software package ANSYS with the help of IGES (International Graphics Exchange system). A Quick Methodology used in this project, gives a fast and dedicated analysis of the torsional vibrating motion of the crankshaft, and this method can be implemented to various types of crankshafts also.

Keywords: Crank shaft, Torsional vibrations, 3-Cylinder petrol engine, Modeling analysis.

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