Issues and Challenges of Software Reengineering Process

Anand Rajavat and Jigyasu Dubey

Computer Science and Engineering, Shri Vaishnav institute of Technology and science, Indore.


During its life, a legacy system is subjected to many maintenance activities, which causes degradation of system quality. When this degradation exceeds a critical threshold, the legacy system needs to be reengineered. Reengineering offers an approach to migrate a legacy system toward an evolvable system in a disciplined manner. The reengineering process provides a satisfactory impact on the quality of the system with the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. The reengineering processes generally focus on the increased productivity and quality of the systems. However many of reengineering efforts are often less than successful because they concentrate on a narrow set of software issues without fully considering a broad set of enterprise-wide management, economical and technical issues. A broad range of issues and concerns must be addressed to understand and model the re-engineering process. In this paper, a correlation between the Legacy system and Reengineering process for the evaluation of legacy system is described. A preliminary study on issues and challenges of software reengineering process is also addressed.

Keywords: Reengineering, Legacy system.

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