A New Approach for Identifying the Shortest Communications Paths among Components in CBD based Software Products

K. S. Jasminea, R. Vasantha2 and Derick J. Mathew1

1Department of MCA, R.V.C.E., Bangalore-560 059, India.

2Dept. of ISE, R.V.C.E., Bangalore-560 059, India


The reuse approach to software development has been used for many years. However, the recent emergence of new technologies has significantly increased the possibilities of building systems and applications from reusable components. Large scale component reuse leads to savings in development resources, enabling these resources to be applied to areas such as quality improvement. Experience has shown that component-based development requires a systematic approach to and focus on the component aspects of software development [12]. Current thinking is that the progress of software development in the near future will depend very much on the successful establishment of CBSE and this is recognized by both industry and academia. This paper aims at identifying the shortest communication path for the component communication with the application of Floyd’s algorithm Floyd’s algorithm which uses the dynamic programming method to solve the all-pairs shortest-path problem on a dense graph. The method makes efficient use of an adjacency matrix to solve the problem. Experiments are conducted and the result shows a promising approach towards efficient component communication that describes the major areas in the CBD based software development to achieve success.

Keywords: CBD, Reusable components, Floyd’s algorithm, Component communication.

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