Insertion of CRC Bits into MPEG-4 Bitstream for Error Detection at Frame Level

Bhumin Pathak1, Geoff Childs2 and Maaruf Ali2

1Airvana Inc., Chelmsford, USA.

2School of Technology at Oxford Brooks University, Oxford, UK.


It is often required for video decoders to correctly identify the type of transmission errors in order to apply the most appropriate and hence most effective error correction tools. The error resilience tool like NEWPRED in the MPEG-4 standard depends on the error detection at frame level or the video packet level. In this paper, error detection with the help of 16 bits CRC insertion in MPEG-4 bitstream is discussed and performance enhancement due to the NEWPRED implementation with the aid of error detection is demonstrated.

Keywords: MPEG-4, CRC, Error detection, UMTS.

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