An Embedded Systems Approach for Implementing a Low Cost, Less Power Consumption and Stand-alone Music Synthesizer

Akansha A. Pilley and N. G. Bawane

G. H. Raisoni College of Engg., Nagpur, India


This paper is associated with the electronic music movement, a synthesizer is an electronic instrument, sometimes accessed through a keyboard, that creates and combines waveforms used stored acoustic instrumental samples, called wavetable synthesis, or electronically, using FM synthesis. Nowadays, a distinction is sometimes drawn between early developments in electronic instruments that, while they bore the name synthesizer, did not produce sound in real time and synthesizers that do work in real time. Proposed system aimed at developing a synthesizer system was to blend the techniques of modern electronic music equipment with the concept of the keyboard. The plan is to design high performance and a fully equipped digital synthesizer with all features using a low-cost system-on-a-chip (SoC) embedded system. The target hardware is a small low-cost X86 SoC computer system that has a wide range of I/O feature. Idea behind project is to avoid using readymade synthesizer IC those are preprogrammed for an specific frequency. In this we are using a development kit having low cost SoC that able to provide with more mobility & space but at the same time uses less power consumption for processing, a MIDI keyboard and speakers for sound.

Keywords: DSP Processors, Embebbed systems, MIDI keyboard, Music synthesizer, Softsynth, System-on-chip (Soc), Wavetable synthesis.

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