Software Engineering Strategies for Mobile Software Development In View of Current Development Scenario – A Road Map

Selvakumar Samuel, Kesava Pillai Rajadorai and A. Vazeerudeen

Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, TPM, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


In this document, the characteristics and issues of the current development scenario of mobile development are examined and out of which is proposed a suitable mobile software development strategy called ‘Eye-model’. At present, mobile software developers or designers are using desktop development strategies for mobile software developments as there is no specific process model currently available for mobile software development. Currently available desktop software development process models emphasize the development of application itself but very less consideration is given for the external factors which are important for mobile software development processes. The proposed strategy focuses on external factors namely innovation, speed and risk plus programming paradigm and language selection for effective design in order to facilitate the success of the mobile software development.

Keywords: Software engineering, Software development, Programming environment, Programming paradigm.

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