A Virtual Instrument to Identify Presence of Obstructive and Restrictive Diseases

S. K. Shrivastav1, M. S. Pawar2 and Swati S.Tidke2

1Barkatullah university, Bhopal, India

2Department of Electronics Engineering, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, RTMN University, Nagpur, India.


A virtual instrument to diagnose the deformities in lungs is presented. This VI will enable to give information about the deformities in lungs by analyzing the volume and sound information of a patient’s lungs. Pulmonary Function Testing has been a major step forward in assessing the functional status of the lungs. PFT can be used to diagnose the presence of obstructive or restrictive lung diseases.

Keywords: FEV, FVC, %pFVC, %pFEV1, %FEV1p, %FEV1m, %p%FEV1.

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