Spintronics the Future of RAM Technology

N. A. Sudarshan and T. K. Prakash

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Easwari Engineering College, Anna University.


The term “spintronics” usually refers to the branch of physics concerned with the manipulation, storage, and transfer of information by means of electron spins in addition to or in place of the electron charge as in conventional electronics. The purpose of this thesis is to bring to light the immense potential of spintronics and its role in giant magnetoresistive effect (GMR) and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM). GMR is a magnetoresistance effect observed in thin film structures composed of alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnetic layers. The MRAM is a non-volatile computer memory technology. Its advantages are so overwhelming that it will eventually become dominant for all types of memory. This paper dwells deeply into the above prospects of MRAM.

Keywords: Spintronics, Nanotechnology, Spin, MRAM, GMR.

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