Video Denoising using with Both Spatial and Temporal Filters based on Video Codec Motion Estimation

Nagaraju Panaganti and M. Sreenadh Reddy

Department of ECE(DSCE), JNTUCE, JNTUA Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India.


In this paper, a new video denoising approach, temporal and sequential wavelet domain spatial filtering scheme is developed, which results in high-quality video denoising over a large range of noise levels. For this motion estimation resources from a video codec are reused. But this is not straight forward because the motion estimators aimed for video compression and coding, hence are not directly applicable to video denoising. To solve this problem, a novel motion field filtering step is introduced in the temporal filter. That refines the accuracy of the motion, estimates to a degree that is required for denoising. The resulting video denoising method is of low-complexity and receives comparable results with respect to the latest video denoising methods.

Keywords: Coding, Compression, Denoising, Image enhancement, Motion estimation, Video, Videocoding, Video signal processing, Wavelet transform.

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