Authenticated Batch-signature for Multicasting

P. Shrividhya and T. Aarthy

Dhanalakshmi Srinavasan Engineering College, Perambalur.


The multicasting techniques have got to note the importance in security, authentication and DOS. The authentication is afforded by the digital signatures using the cryptography. The multicast authentication schemes deal with the quality of receivers by the sender to find the resilience of the dissemination of the multicast streaming. The existing system encloses the many of cryptography algorithm for offering the authentication in the multicast. But the association along with packets composes them vulnerable to packet loss. It makes the less computation and poor communication due to the inefficient batch signature. Our main focus is to alleviate the performance of the communication overhead required to authenticate the packets and. In this paper, we propose a novel multicast authentication algorithm, namely, Authenticated Batch signature for Multicasting (ABSM) techniques. The Batch signature is created by the techniques in cryptography. The main focus of this algorithm, avoiding the association over the packets and provide the perfect great resilience to packet loss. It also supports to increase the latency and computation. Packet filtering mechanism to alleviate the DoS impact while protect the perfect resilience to packet loss.

Keywords: Multicast, Authentication, Cryptography, Denial of service (DoS).

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