Keynote Speakers

Future of Good game: Gamification
Whon Namkoong
Perdoco: A Model to Understand the Roles of Teaching, eLearning and Game-Based Learning
Brenton Burchmore
Using a Serious Game Called “Aqua Republica” to Make a Difference
Ivan Boo
Maximising Learning From Game Experience
David Crookall
Human Centered Design for Software Development
Christopher Han
Playing to Learn : Engaging the GenY and Millenial Learners
Siddharth Jain
Intel® RealSense™ Technology for Natural, Intuitive, and Immersive Human Computer Interaction
Mark Kim
Essential Strategy for Global Game Industry - Cloud
Seung-Min Kim
Expansion of Serious Game SW - My first AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication SW)
Jaesung Lee
PlayStation®4 with PlayStation®Camera and PlayStation®App
Yong-ho Lee
Designing Meaningful Play
Eko Nugroho
Mobile Games in India: Past, Present and Future
Srikanta Patnaik
HERO Movement for Children
Yuhyun Park
CGF Based Portable Training Simulator Development
Taekyu Reu
Can Interactive Playing Fields and -Programs Stimulate People to be more Active?
Ir. Carla Scholten - van der Vange
New Opportunities of Serious Game in Business by Wearable Technology
Soomin Shim
What’s Next for Game-based Learning?
Frankie Tam
Gamification and Global Health Challenges
David Wortley FRSA