Keynote Speaker

TitlePerdoco: A Model to Understand the Roles of Teaching, eLearning and Game-Based Learning
SpeakerBrenton Burchmore
CEO of the Lascivio Group of companies

Teacher-led instruction, then online learning, and now game-based learning; like it or not, ready or not, how we learn is changing faster than ever before – but what will the next learning model look like? How can we effectively combine these three modalities? Technology has already made its mark, but we are still deciding how to make the best use of it. Recent studies have told us many things that we do not all agree upon, but with the help of neuroscience new learning theories using technology are beginning to make more sense. The Perdoco model is one such theory. By exploring the core benefits of the three major learning modalities we create a model that makes the best use of these to work together for learning outcomes. Game-based learning has untapped potential, online learning is here to stay, and teachers are more important than ever. This presentation will explore how the structure of concept, context and content can be applied for a more complete learning model which links all of them into their ideal functions.

Brenton Burchmore is a lecturer, educational designer, game designer, technologist, entrepreneur, student, father – and CEO of the Lascivio Group of companies. His diverse background gives Brenton rare insight into nearly every aspect of the modern learning paradigm. Brenton has designed, built and delivered university Masters Programs, Massive Online Open Courses for thousands of students, corporate eLearning programs, online and offline games, and social networks. Brenton works with international universities, global technology companies, and major governments on the strategy of future learning. His passion for combining learning, technology, and fun has led him to neuroscience and psychology to understand how the human mind interacts with all three. The Perdoco whitepaper is his latest breakthrough in predicting the future of learning worldwide.