Keynote Speaker

TitleHERO Movement for Children
SpeakerYuhyun Park
CEO & Co-founder, infollution ZERO, Singapore
Director (Academic Projects), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

We want to revolutionize the approach, shifting from fear-based protection and control over children to empowerment of children with digital citizenship. We want children to become wiser, more creative and more responsible in the digital era. We believe that children should be provided with the opportunity to take control of their digital experience: to overcome cyber-risks and maximize their potential as growing youths. As a start, we are creating a FUN movement for young children. We want to inspire them, “Yes. You can be a HERO!” Starting from June 2014, we will launch the iZ HERO® Challenge, which is a global movement. This movement has been developed based on the iZ HERO® Project which is an innovative educational program that was developed by infollutionZERO and NTU. It provides an integrated multimedia play & learning experience, including a web game, online portal, and comic book in addition to an interactive digital exhibition. The project has been recognized by UNESCO with two prestigious International awards (2012 and 2013) for promoting digital citizenship among children. A recent preliminary study by the National Institute of Education in Singapore provided scientific evidence that the iZ HERO® Program improves childrenís attitudes toward cyber-risks.

Dr. Yuhyun Park co-founded InfollutionZERO in 2010, a non-profit organization in Korea focusing on raising public awareness of infollution (information pollution), providing digital citizenship training for youth, and shaping public policy on internet governance and safety. In 2013, she was selected as an Eisenhower Fellow (Multi-Nation Program) as well as the first Ashoka Fellow from Korea in recognition of her leadership in society. Dr. Park and her team have received two prestigious UNESCO awards: the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for Use of ICT in Education in 2012 and the Wenhui UNESCO Award for Educational Innovation in 2013. Both awards were in recognition of her leadership to develop the iZ HERO Project, which is an innovative educational entertainment program to teach digital leadership to children by using interactive digital media, including a mobile app, online game, and digital exhibition. She is currently the Director of Academic Projects in the Presidentís Office at Nanyang Technological University.