(A) Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA)

Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA), which is affiliated with the Gyeonggi Provincial government, was founded in August 2001. GCA’s purpose to support the culture contents industry including but not limited to games, animation, characters, film and so on that will be the most important part of our future economy. Furthermore GCA has organized the Good Game Show Korea every year since 2009 for the purposes of changing negative perceptions of games as well as raising the industrial value of serious games.Gyeonggi provincial government supports the activities of GCA as this organization is value-creating resource and is vital to determining the future economic growth in the region.The GCA, moving ahead in Korea, is providing supports to the whole process of the contents production; from planning, to marketing, and to serving a final production in having a competitive edge in the global market.

(B) Korea Game Society

Korea Game Society contributes to enhancing the global competitiveness of Korean games through its publication of research on game theory and development while promoting exchanges between game industry professionals within Korea and internationally. KGS supports analyses of the latest computer game trends, game theory as well as evaluation of and proposals for game-related policies and interdisciplinary research on game contents. In recognition of the power of games to make a positive contribution to the world, KGS studies ways in which to disseminate a self-regulating creative game culture in addition to research on Serious Games and gamification. In conjunction with the game industry, KGS promotes cooperation between government and NGOs for the development of new technologies while facilitating cooperation between the public sector and academia for the training of the next generation of game professionals.