Keynote Speaker

TitleNew Opportunities of Serious Game in Business by Wearable Technology
SpeakerSoomin Shim
Strategy Analyst, KT Economics & Management Research Lab, Korea Telecom, South Korea

Wearable technology is on the rise and the market is fast filling with new and sensational devices like smart watches, glasses, fitness trackers or health monitors. This year must be the first beginning point that wearable technology would spread out to the general public. Various market research institutes forecast the industry will be worth $70 billion in the next 10 years. However, it may seem that there is little motivation for majority to adapt those wearable devices into their daily life. Variety types of wearable devices now do not involve ever sophisticated functions or identical capacities with smartphone. It has been a really small computing power that made it easy to wear. They are facing the CHASM, the situation that new devices are not able to deliver practical usage and values to people. As the end of the Smartphone Ear is coming, we should find how wearable devices are about to cross the chasm from early adapters to the majority, their key drivers and the future market segments. Serious Gaming is key booster for Wearable Technology into the general public life. In much business, Gamification has proven to be very successful in engaging people and motivating them to change behaviors. Wearable Technology can enhance the level of competency in Serious Game by providing participants with an intuitive interaction tool and building up big data set for predictive service suggestion. Therefore, many business partners are trying to adapt Wearable technology with serious game in customer engagement, employee performance, training and education, innovation management, personal development, sustainability, health and wellness. This presentation will offer an analysis of market situation in Wearable Technology and provide opportunity to revolutionize new business models by convergence of Serious Game and Wearable Technology.

Soomin Simon Shim graduated from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Technology Management and a Master of Science in Information Systems. He has made a substantial contribution in convergence of finance and mobile business and distribution of virtual contents in mobile platform as a business analyst with Korea Telecom (KT). He currently works on identifying new business opportunities by next generation of Wearable Technology as a member of New Biz Team at KT. As a senior analyst, he has published various market outlook reports related to Wearable Technology in Post Smartphone Era. He also participated in consulting projects to accelerate new business model in healthcare and mobile business. He strongly believes the Wearable Technology must be the new wave of ICT industry and ‘Serious Game’ could be the key essential to cross the CHASM to the general public.