Keynote Speaker

TitleExpansion of Serious Game SW - My first AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication SW)
SpeakerJaesung Lee
Senior Vice President, NCSOFT Cultural Foundation, South Korea

NCSOFT is the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games. Established in 1997 in Seoul, South Korea, NCSOFT quickly became the leader in online games with the successful launch of its flagship product Lineage. NCSOFT Cultural Foundation, established in 2012, participates in socially responsible performances for sustainable and systematic social contribution activities with public purpose.

Jaesung Lee was born in Pusan in 1970 and graduated from Seoul National University. He started to work in CS part in IT company and had worked as a board member in Netmarble(CJ E&M) for 4 years from 2002. He had been a board member of social contribution and communication part at NCSOFT for 8 years from 2006 and now is a senior vice president at NCSOFT Cultural Foundation, established by NCSOFT, from March, 2014.