Keynote Speaker

TitlePlaying to Learn : Engaging the GenY and Millenial Learners
SpeakerSiddharth Jain
Chief Creative Director, Playware Studios Asia, Singapore

In today’s world, teachers find it difficult to actively engage students. Not only do students have shorter attention spans, but they also find it mundane to engage with traditional non-interactive media. Games can also be an exciting new medium for education, engaging students and making them into self-directed and motivated learners. In the recent years, over 500 research papers have been published, to show the effectiveness of games as a teaching and learning medium. While research has convinced teachers of the effectiveness of using games in the classroom, games are currently too expensive and cumbersome for schools to adopt wholesale. This opportunity led to the birth of 3DHive - a patented technology, owned by Playware - under the umbrella of the “FutureSchool@Singapore” initiative - a 5-year joint collaboration between Playware Studios Asia, the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. 3DHive is an advanced virtual world designed to be used for Teaching and Learning. It features a cloud based, social, play-enabled virtual classroom that allows schools to embrace ‘games in learning’ to tap the immense learning potential that is born when emergent-game-play marries user-generated-media. The platform has all the tools and resources a school needs to create, play, manage, and share games. It even has in-built tools for assessment of the students’ performance through the playing and making of games.

As Creative Director of Playware Studios Asia, Siddharth Jain deals with game design, production, technical art & music direction. He heads a technology, platform and genre independent team that has successfully developed casual, card and multiplayer arena games released worldwide and also a range of serious games for the institutions such as Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Singapore Management University, the Center for Learning Innovation, Department of Education Technology, NSW, Australia and many more. A media veteran who has worked on triple digit hours of television programming, double digit game titles, multimedia applications, game engines and tools, Siddharth is widely regarded as a visionary in the field of 21st Century Digital Learning. He is a visiting faculty at UNISIM and Nanyang Technology University and is on several agency and industry advisory panels.