Keynote Speaker

TitleCan Interactive Playing Fields and - Programs Stimulate People to be more Active?
SpeakerIr. Carla Scholten - van der Vange
Director, Embedded Fitness, Helmond, Netherlands

Childhood overweight /obesity and inactivity represent a major healthcare problem and an increasing social problem, for which a growing concern exists. An increasing number of children suffer from the limitations these problems involve. Therefore, these children need to get active again. Embedded Fitness introduced in Holland an interactive fitness & gaming concept to motivate people to be more active. This will be reached by introducing interactive fitness & gaming devices and offering complementary health programs and extensive support. The special equipment will combine physical fitness with entertainment, new media and technology, or more specially: gaming. The e-fitness concept is definitely a breakthrough in accepting e-sports and building an ambient (sports) environment. Embedded Fitness won this year the IPON (Innovation Platform Education Netherland) AWARD for the most innovative change of physical education. In this presentation I will show the possibilities with interactive devices for special target groups and what kind of research in the Netherlands is done about this subject.

Carla Scholten is founder and CEO of Embedded Fitness, a company that introduced an interactive exercising concept in Holland. Carla studied Food Technology at the Wageningen University and worked for 15 years at Fontys Hogescholen, University of Applied Science. The first years as lecturer Logistic at Fontys Business administration and logistical management and later as senior policy advisor for the council of governing board Fontys Hogescholen. Fontys Hogescholen is one of the biggest Universities of Applied Science in Holland with more than 40.000 students. Carla is married with a general practitioner and has four children and with her background in food technology and education, she was interested by the problem of obesity and the negative focus of gaming. She tried to use the possibilities of gaming in a positive way and started Embedded Fitness in 2008. The centre in Helmond is also a knowledge centre to do research into interactive movement and develop new interactive devices. Carla works together with knowledge institutes, government and healthcare institutes. Achmea, the biggest health insurance company of the Netherlands is participating in her company. Carla is also ambassador for VHTO, the Dutch national expert organization on girls/women and science/technology. They make an effort in many different ways to increase the involvement of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).