Keynote Speaker

TitleWhat’s Next for Game-based Learning?
SpeakerFrankie Tam
Chairman, Hong Kong Digital Game-Based Learning Association
Director, FifthWisdom Technology Limited

Game-based learning was stuck at the Horizon Report’s 2-3 year horizon for three consecutive reports (2010 to 2012) and was finally dropped from the report altogether in 2013. how should we interpret this? is that a wake up call? is it not fulfilling all the promises and potential that we once think it has? or it’s the other way around that we have accepted that it’s a proven way to improve our education? we will look at the current stage of game based learning around the world and what we can expect to happen in the next few years.

Frankie was working for Activision and THQ in the US before moving back to HK in 2004. He has been advocating the use of digital games in the classroom. He has been collaborating with various schools and organizations to design and develop strategies for implementing digital game-based learning.