Case Studies on Ground Improvement


A Case Study: Land Slide Treatment Carried Out in Murree, Pakistan, During the Last Decade
M. A. Kamal, Syed Riaz Hussain, D. A. B. Hughes and S. A. Khan

Case Histories on Design and Construction of Jet Grouted Ground for Trenchless Projects
James Kwong, Kealohi Sandefur and Reyn Hashiro

Case Studies of Ground Improvement Techniques Used on a Coal Export Terminal Development in Newcastle, Australia
Jianxin Niu, Chin Hiang Chua and Brett Hawkins

Case Studies on Ground Freezing in Taipei
Jhih-Yong Jhang, Chien-Min Wu and Chong-Cheng Kao

Case Studies on Slope Reinforcement of A Raised Small Dam and A 30M High Steep Slope
D. E. L. Ong, K. T. Kho, A. D. R. Danial and L. Y. Tai

Compaction Grouting for Dolomitic Soil and Rock, Gautrain Rapid Rail Link
R. Tosen, R. B. Storry and M. Baribault

Comprehensive Site Investigation and Construction Monitoring for Tank Farms on Improved Ground
Jonathan Daramalinggam, Kam Weng Leong and Sven Partzsch

Corrective Grouting in Loosened Sand — Case History
Adam Bezuijen

Effective Road Embankment Construction on Fibrous Peat Using Hydraulic Sand-Fill
D. E. L. Ong, K. T. Kho, A. D. R. Danial and L. Y. Tai

Foundation for Silos in Soft Subsoil, with Rigid Inclusions
Juan Paulín Aguirre

Foundation Works for a Sewage Treatment Plant Using Ground Improvement Methods in Malaysia
Y.W. Yee, C.G. Chua and H.K. Yandamuri

Green Technology for Sustainable Foundation Treatment of a High Embankment
Kenny Yee and Teik Aun Ooi

Ground Improvement for Deep Excavation of City Square Mall
Hai Tian, S. A. Tan, S. Tjahyono, C. H. Lim and H. Tanaka

Ground Improvement Techniques for East Coast Expressway Phase 2, Malaysia
Y.W. Yee and C.G. Chua

Ground Improvement with Vibro Stone Columns — A Case Study from Iran
H. Elahi and M. Sabermahani

Jet Grouting (JGP) for Deep Excavation — The Importance of Quality Control
Nick Osborne and David Ng Chew Chiat

Large Scale Dynamic Compaction for Gautrain Rapid Rail Link, South Africa
R. B. Storry, R. Tosen, A. Guilloux and K. Diemont

Optimization of Dynamic Compaction Processes — A Case Study
Richard Moyle and Peter Redman

Successful Application of Vacuum Consolidation at Port of Brisbane
Peter Boyle, Daniel Berthier, Geoffrey Holding, Jay Ameratunga and Cynthia De Bok

Test and Analysis on Reinforcement Effect of High Vacuum Compaction Method in Soft Soil
Chang-Cun Gu, Yu-Ting Zhang and Hua-Shun Chen

Vibro Replacement Columns for Shipyard Infrastructure at Pipavav, Gujarat, India
Deepak Raj and C. V. Dikshith

Vibrocompaction Trials on SandFill
Lup Wong Wong

Constructon on Sabkha Soils
Mohamed M.Shahin

Effect of Carbon Storage Due to Ground Improvement by Log Piling
Atsunori Numata, Masanori Hamada, Masaho Yoshida, Mario Tonosaki, Hiroaki Nakamura and Hikaru Kubo

Design and Performance Review of a Trial Embankment on Deep Soft Ground Near Brisbane Airport, Australia
D. Q. Yang, J. Ameratunga, I. Shipway, J. Dunstan and R. Lambert

Shear Strength Parameters of Scrap Tire Crumbs Reinforced with Scrap Tire Chips
Mahmoud Ghazavi and Mohammadreza Mahmoudipour