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Association for Geotechnical Societies of Southeast Asia
Chinese Institution of Geotechnical Engineering
Hong Kong Geotechnical Society
Indonesian Geotechnical Society
Institution of Engineers Malaysia
Institution of Engineers Singapore
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International Advisory Committee        TOP
Bergado, B., Thailand
Chen, Z. Y., China
Chin, C. T., Taiwan
Choa, V., Singapore
Davies, M. C. R., New Zealand
Indraratna, B., Australia
Irsyam, M., Indonesia
Jefferson, I., UK
Kitazume, M., Japan
Koseki, J., Japan
Lee, S. R., Korea

Liu, H. L., China
Madhav, M. R., India
Ooi, T. A., Malaysia
Pinto, S. A., Portugal
Puppala, A., USA
Shang, J., Canada
Varaksin, S., France
Yan, S. W., China
Yong, K. Y., Singapore
Yoo, C. S., Korea
Zhang, J. M., China

Organising Committee        TOP
Leung, C. F.

Chu, J.

Leong, K. W.

Shen, R. F.

Lam, K. P.
Lam, P. W. J.
Ng, C. C.
Ng, T. G.
Ong, T. S.
Samingan, A. S.
Wong, L. T.
Yee, K.
Yee, Y. W.

Mr K. K. Cheah, Manager
Professional Activities Centre,
Faculty of Engineering,
National University of Singapore

Geotechnical Society of Singapore        TOP
The Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS) was officially formed in January 2008 and is now a member society of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Within a short time, GeoSS has over 200 members and 18 founding corporate members. This International Symposium on Ground Improvement Technologies and Case Histories (ISGI09) is the first international conference organized by GeoSS to provide a forum to facilitate interaction between engineers and researchers from Singapore and overseas on the important topic of ground improvement. Before this international symposium, the Society has organized a good number of geotechnical seminars and workshops on a regular basis. GeoSS is also a member society of the Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia (AGSSEA).