Keynote Speakers

Ground Improvement — Principles and Applications in Asia
V. R. Raju, Singapore

Soft Soil Foundation improved by Vacuum and Surcharge Preloading at Ballina Bypass, Australia
Buddhima Indraratna, Australia

Formulation of a Concept And Realistic Soil Parameters For The Foundation Of Randomly Located Structures On A Mega Scaled Project
Serge Varaksin, France

New Composite Foundation Techniques For Soil Improvement In China
Liu Han Long, China

Ground Improvement in Tokyo/Haneda International Airport Expansion Project
Masaki Kitazume, Japan

Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Marina EXPO Breakwaters
Pedro Simão Sêco e Pinto, Portugal

Behavior of Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) and Stiffened Deep Cement Mixing (SDCM) Piles under Full Scale Tests and Embankment Loading
D. T. Bergado, Thailand

The Performance of Soil Nailed Systems
Michael C. R. Davies, New Zealand