Keynote/IOC Invited Talks

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Keynote Talks

Aerosol Synthesis and Coating of Nanomaterials: Plasmonic Biosensors
Prof. Sotiris E. Pratsinis

Anisotropic Two-Phase Turbulence Models for Two-Fluid Modeling of Turbulent Dense Gas-Particle Flows

Characterization of Particle Dispersion and Flocculation in Suspensions – From Nano to Micron Particle Suspensions –
Dr. Takamsa Mori

Electrostatics and Particle Technology
Prof. Shuji Matsusaka

Field-Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles
Prof. Eric M. Furst

Green Innovation for Sustainable Society in Powder Technology
Prof. Atsushi Tsutsumi

How Should we use the DEM in Industrial Powder Systems?
Assoc. Prof. Mikio Sakai

Microbial Adhesion Phenomena and their Applications
Dr. Toshiyuki Nomura

Microwave-Assisted Powder Technology for Nanomaterial Production and Environmental Application
Prof. Thomas C. Ho

Modelling Cohesive Particulates for Material Handling Applications
Prof. Jin Y. Ooi

Nanomedicine: Concept, Feasibility, Safety and Prospect
Prof. Si-Shen Feng

Rheology and Segregation of Flowing Granular Materials
Prof. Devang V. Khakhar

Small Particles, Big Science: A Personal Perspective
Prof. Aibing Yu

Strategies for Optimization and Scale up of Granulation, Lubrication and Compression Processes in Pharmaceutical Production
Dr. Tadatsugu Tanino

Synthesis and Applications of Nano-sized Hollow Silica Particles
Prof. Masayoshi Fuji


IOC Invited Talks

Characterisation of Various Fly Ashes from Australia and Mongolia and Their Utilisation for Preparation of Geopolymers with Advanced Applications
Prof. Jadambaa Temuujin

Drop Penetration Time in Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Powder Mixtures: The Effect of Powder Specific Surface Area
Assoc. Prof. Karen P Hapgood

Effect of the Ball Size on Grinding Kinetics and Optimization of the Makeup Ball Charge for Maximum Throughput in Tumbling Ball Mills
Prof. Heechan Cho

Electrokinetics, Dispersion, Rheology and Consolidation of Concentrated Suspensions
Dr. Pradip

Enhancement of Dissolution Rate of Water Insoluble API by Wet Grinding
Prof. Satoru Watano

Hierarchical CNT Structure and its Application in Energy Storage
Prof. Fei Wei

Modelling Powder Mixing in Mass Flow Discharge: a Kinematic Approach
Prof. Clive Davies

Particle Segregation in Drum Mixer – Facts Behind Radial Core and Axial Bands
Assoc. Prof. Hsiu-Po Kuo