Technical Papers

Topic 1

Production of Particles (Crystallization, Atomization, Mechanical Activation, Synthesis in Aerosol Flame, Sol-gel and Microemulsion Reactors)

Topic 2

Comminution (Crushing, Grinding, High Energy Milling, Attrition and Erosion)

Topic 3

Agglomeration (Granulation, Pelletization, Briquetting, Tableting, Sintering)

Topic 4

Bulk Powder Handling (Storage, Dust Collection and Transportation)

Topic 5

Mixing, Granular Flow and Fluidization

Topic 6

Roasting, Combustion and Smelting Reduction

Topic 7

Solid-solid and Solid-liquid Separation (Gravity, Electrostatic, Magnetic and Flotation Separation, Filtration, Drying, Membrane Separation, Thickening)

Topic 8

Colloidal Processing (Dispersion, Flocculation and Rheology of Suspensions)

Topic 9

Particle Coating and Surface Modification

Topic 10

Packing and Consolidation of Particles in Dry/Wet Conditions

Topic 11

Recycling and Reclamation (Electronic Waste, Tailings Management, Eco-cements)

Topic 12

Design of Equipment Handling Powders, Emulsions and Aerosols

Topic 13

Modelling and Simulation (CFD, DEM, Population Balances, Molecular Modelling, Monte Carlo)

Topic 14

Process Optimization and Advanced Control (Measurement, Automation and Soft-sensors)

Topic 15

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), In-process Particle Characterization Techniques

Topic 16

Pharmaceutical Particles and Drug Delivery Systems

Topic 17

Others / M3TC Workshop