Session FP2-B: Automation
Date/Time Friday, 17 December 2010 / 16:20 – 18:00
Venue EA-02-11
Chair(s) Chanhun Park and Jifeng Gu

Manually Guided Robot Manipulator in a Constraint Condition with Small Contact Force
Chan Hun Park, Jin Ho Kyung and Dong Il Park

The Research of Flexible Electric Conducting Sealing System
Gu Ji-Feng, Ping Li-Hao, Tong Han-Quan and Wu Hui-Xiang

Research on Collaborative Simulation Technology of Mechanical Electronic Hydraulic System for Radar Bionic Power Device
Peng Guo-Peng, Zhou Jian-Hua and Huang Hai-Tao

Study on the Feeds Phase Centre of Distorted Reflector Antenna
Li-Wei Song and Fei Zheng

Effects of Cross Coupling on the Stability of a Nonlinear Control System in the Rotor Electromagnetic Suspension
V. S. Vostokov, J. A. Kolesova and S. V. Lebedeva